20 Bookish Facts About Me!

So I figured, no one really knows me around here, and I don’t really know alot about you guys! I thought the best way to fix this problem was to give you guys some facts about me! and what’s better than bookish facts?

I’m not tagging anyone but if you see this, and want to do it, consider yourself tagged!


  1. The Rainbow Magic Fairys series was my most cherished one as a child, i’d stay up all night reading them
  2. when I hit about, 11 or so, I stopped reading as much and honestly lost alot of interest in it, when I was around 15 I occasionally read again but it wasn’t until around December 2016 that I really started reading again
  3. I’m really focused on the numbers and I hate that, what I mean is that I really want to read over 50 books this year, and so I’m always trying to push myself to read more so I can achieve that number
  4. I have never finished the Harry Potter series, I read till the end of Order Of The Phoenix and then didn’t read any further because I didn’t want to get emotionally hurt
  5. in relation to #3 I tend to pick up alot of small books, to further my Goodreads goal
  6. I can read anywhere, As long as people aren’t talking to me or about me in my vicinity, I can keep myself mostly focused on the book
  7. speaking of that, I focus best when reading in silence, but so often I have youtube or something else going on in the background… and then I get distacted. Yeah I’m an easily distracted reader
  8. I hate starting series, because I only ever buy the first book (i dont want to waste money of course) I end up normally wanting the next book right away, and by the time book depository ships it to me, I’ve moved onto another book and lost interest (aka what happened with Shadow & Bone)
  9. My bookshelves are the most unorganized ones I know, My top shelf is my monthly TBR, my next most anticipated reads, and a few favourites, and then really the rest of my shelves have 0 order.
  10. I’m one of those people, if my bag is with me, there is a 95% chance there’s a book in it
  11. continuing from that, I also have like, 17 books on my phone, chances are if I’m looking down at my phone, I’m reading.
  12. bookstagram has made my TBR pile explode and also has widened my horizons in relation to books
  13. I have a real issue with lending my books, every time I have, they come back in worse condition and it makes me so sad, so now I’m rather glad I don’t have any bookish real life friends who want to read my books
  14. the only bookish merch I own, was a gift from my friend Neisha, theyre candles & a Draco Malfoy keychain
  15. Majority of my Bullet Journal is dedicated to book realted stuff, i.e a TBR page, a books I own page & a Read in 2017 page
  16. I prefer reading outside but….. bugs
  17. me and audio books? we don’t mix well, at all.
  18. I hate DNF’ing books, I’ve only DNF’ed one, the rest I’ve put in a “I’ll get back to you one day” pile
  19. I am a book tabber, I tab with different colours for different things. Blue for plot related things, Pink for quotes I love, Orange for quotes that I would quote in a review and Yellow and green for thought provoking things
  20. My favourite genre to read is YA, specifically fantasy! 

And that’s it! I know people normally do 25 but I ran out of facts! What can I say, thinking up facts about yourself isn’t easy! 

I hope you guys learnt something new about me and if you want, share some facts about you in the comments below! 

Until next time, sarah 

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