Ebooks vs. Physical editions

Here’s the age old reader argument (well, more like, the age old reader argument of the 21st century) do I buy this book in physical form, or do I buy the eBook?

This is one of those questions that start a riot as far as I’ve seen, whenever someone asks this question on social media. However, I’m that annoying person who’s going to say, I do prefer Physical copies no doubt, but I also don’t have a problem with eBooks at all.

Here’s some reasons for my opinion,

So one thing I really like about eBooks, is that they’re a lot cheaper, for example, a book that will cost me $14 on Book Depository, will cost me $3 on Amazon, so if we we’re looking at just price wise? I would buy eBooks over physical copies to save some money. (but then, I say the same thing about hardcovers, I prefer to buy paperbacks to save some money)

But now, if we’re talking the experience while reading? it’s a physical copy, hands down. I like turning the pages and seeing how close I am to finishing a book, I love the anticipation of finishing a book. I also love sticking tabs in a book and seeing them sticking out the side, I love rolling around with a floppy book, or teasing my cat with it, they’re all things I can’t do with my phone of course. Something about all those things just makes me happy and I don’t get that opportunity with Ebooks.

Now of course, I should mention something in relation to my hobby, bookstagram. It’s a lot nicer and easier to take photos of physical books. i find that I can be a lot more creative with my photos and instagram feed when I’m taking photos of books, and while that is not the end all, it’s definitely something to consider when you spend a lot of time and energy on your instagram as some of us do. (plus instagram makes a good excuse to buy a physical copy of a book when you just really want it)

Finally, I have this weird idea in my head, that I’ll break my phone and forget all my passwords and for some reason or another, never be able to get all my eBooks back, and that thought terrifies me to some degree, perhaps if there was a way to keep all my purchased eBooks downloaded on my external hard drive, i’d feel safer? who knows!Β Whereas of course, it’s harder to lose a physical copy (and I think I have to admit that a bookshelf full of books is prettier than a phone full of books)

Overall, if a book I want to read is cheap and its not something I know I’m going to fall in love with and or, I’m desperate to read it? I’ll get the eBook, but otherwise? I’ll pick up the paperback if I can afford to.

So, tell me down below, what do you prefer? Ebooks or Physical copies? and why do you prefer one to the other? I’m genuinely very curious to see the answers to this!

until next time,

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