TITLE: Dear ijeawele

AUTHOR: Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

RATING: ★★★★★

TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of sexism

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: Harper Collins NZ sent me this as a review copy




To me, this is the kind of book that should come in a bundle of things when you decide to take on the mantle of being a parent. Why you may ask? because raising a child isn’t easy and sometimes, we all need pointers in life.

This book illustrates how to raise a child to be a feminist, and so you would instantly think it cut’s off anyone who is not raising a child, that this book is only for them, but I have news for you, I don’t plan on having children, but this book still impacted me and made me think of the way I act, and so I personally think, this book is for everyone.

I am genuinely at the point where I think I cannot hate a non fiction book by Chimamanda, she writes so beautifully and simply, that it’s like you’re reading a letter addressed to you from a close friend.

Not only did this book enlighten me in ways to be a feminist, it interweaves tales of Nigeria and what life is like there, it told me things about a country that I couldn’t have learned from an outsider.

I think my favourite part of this book was how it was written, the way the words flow and give you an image of a woman simply writing to her best friend, the way humor is interwoven with facts, the way she is unrelentless in her wording and how she doesn’t hold back is something I admire and genuinely made me love this book more than if it was written in a scholarly form. This book too, is dotted in post it flags to from quotes I love (The knowledge of cooking does not come pre-installed in a vagina) to things that made me really stop and think ( ‘he allowed his wife to shine’ Allowed. Now let us reverse it….if perhaps Phillip May was prime minister, we might hear that his wife ‘supported’ him from the background ) I found myself so often grinning from things I found funny or agreed with, to frowning at the examples of sexism and blatant lack of knowledge in the men surrounding her.

Overall? this book was beautiful and now resides on my favourites shelf with my ruined copy of We Should All Be Feminists ( a cherished book, ruined by the child of mine that is a cat ) and it will rest there forever.


I personally think this book is not just for lovers of non-fiction, or feminists. But for parents, and children and people wondering how they too can be a better feminist, hell, I’d read this outloud to my cat if he’d sit still enough just to teach him Chimamandas wise words.

So yes, this is a definite love and I know I will be picking up her other work when I come across it next


until next time,



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