TITLE: Contagion

AUTHOR: Teri Terry


TRIGGER WARNING:  character death

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HachetteNZ sent this to me!




Callie is missing.

Her brother Kai is losing hope of ever seeing her again. Then he meets Shay, a girl who saw Callie the day she disappeared, and his hope is reignited.

Their search leads them to the heart of a terrifying epidemic that is raging through the country.

Can Kai and Shay escape death and find Callie?


I hate to say it, but this book started out strong and ended weak. Contagion is a dual perspective book that follows two characters, Shay and Callie. And well, Callie is dead. It follows these two girls and Kai, Callie brother and Shays love interest as they try to figure out the cause of an epidemic that is killing people in Scotland and England.
I think one of my biggest issues with this book, was in the character of Callie, I get that in the story she is only 11, and so her decisions and choices are that of a young lonely girl, of course she’s going to try to help herself! But it didn’t stop me from being so ANNOYED with her. The book up until the last 10 pages was a 3.5 stars but I had to dock a half star as I HATED how it ended, Callie essentially guilt tripped Shay into something massive and I really didn’t like that? Can’t put my finger on why but it damped my enjoyment of the book ALOT. I’m not normally a person who changes a rating based on one scene but things happen!

A part I really loved of this book was the sci-fi elements and how the contagion and its spread seemed real! (Until how it was created was explained, then it seemed a little far fetched but that’s personal preference) I enjoyed learning about the epidemic, and how it was effecting people and how the government was reacting and honestly? that was one of the main reasons I kept reading.  I genuinely loved reading about Shay and Kai trying to get from place to place without be captured, though they failed at the whole, not being captured thing, and about the occasional good guys who tried to help them against the army’s will!!
All in all this was an average book for me, I loved the world building and learning about the disease, but I hated one of the main characters and ended up finding the virus to be too far fetched. but I think if you’re a little bit younger, or if you’re more into Sci-Fi / Dystopian, you’ll actually really enjoy this book!!
Contagion was released on the 16th of May! Find it in your local stores
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