Well what a crazy month this was, my first REAL hectic blogging month, my day time job got more intense as I began my managers training and I had books to review coming out of my ears! But it’s the 30th and I’ve made it and I have to say, this month has been awesome, and I’m still not sick of blogging yet! yay me! Now onto the books I’ve read. This month was nowhere near as strong as last months in terms of reading speed, but I genuinely don’t mind and actually loved majority of the books I read!

Red Sister 5/5 amazing, astounding, I am clawing at the world for an ARC. My review is HERE

The Crowns Game 4/5 A slow start but an amazing end, my review is HERE

Hunted 4.5/5 A magical fairytale that I loved alot my review is HERE

Contagion 3/5 An average book about a scary epidemic and crazy doctors review HERE

These Dividing Walls 3.75/5 A  sweet character study of a building in France review HERE

Pieces of You 3/5 a book that deals with mental illness and rape review HERE

City of Bones – 5/5 A fantastic fantasy that was fast paced and fun, GOODREADS REVIEW 

City of Ashes – book two in the mortal instruments, I couldn’t stop, GR REVIEW

The Crowns Fate – The conclusion to the crowns game and a PHENOMENAL book review HERE

and Heir to the sky – A standalone fantasy that was a quick read GR REVIEW HERE

that’s 10 books! I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I did start, crown of midnight, city of glass and flawed, all which I’m planning on finishing ASAP but didn’t get to finish in time.

And for those who haven’t been around or are just plain curious, here are my non review posts for the month!
WWW #1


Until next time,

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