Hi guys! I’ve had a pretty good run the last two months and I’m hoping I keep going with this streak. This month is pretty heavy with books I’ve requested from publishers, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sugar coat my thoughts of the books, I’ll always tell the truth! Now onto the books. I’ve knocked my TBR list up to 10 since I need to read 7 books and here they are! ( if there’s a star beside it, it’s a copy from the publishers! )

  1. Camino Island – John Grisham *
    This is a thriller that is being released on the 6th! yay!
  2. A Tragic Kind Of Wonderful – Eric Lindstrom*
    I’ve been putting this off ever since I got really into fantasy and I REALLY need to read it!
  3. the thousandth floor – Kathrine McGee*
    This sequel is coming out in August so I thought I’d finally pick this one up!
  4. Frostblood – Elly Blake *
    Same story for this one! Sequel coming out this year, want to get to it before it releases
  5. Flawed – Cecelia Ahern *
    My friends have loved this and so I’m finally jumping on the hype train
  6. Perfect – Cecelia Ahern *
    well, the duology is out so why not read it all at once?
  7. The Assassins Blade – Sarah J Mass
    Yeah, I hate to say I’m really enjoying TOG so far. I don’t like alot of the things SJM has done, and I really hope she improves on including diversity in her books and such, but I won’t NOT read books from her IF I can buy them second hand, since then I am not actually supporting her.
  8. Crown of Midnight – Sarah J Mass
    I’m currently 100 pages into this and I NEED to finish it
  9. Uprooted – Naiomi Novak
    I have been wanting to read this desperately for a few weeks so I REALLY want to get to this soon,
  10. sneaky eleventh, City of Glass – Cassandra Clare
    I really want to continue this series because everyone has given such raving reviews to the dark artifices series so I want to get to them!

Well, that’s a big list, I predict I’ll read like 7 of them. What’s on your June TBR?

Until next time,

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