I was offered the chance to read and review tales from the shadowhunter academy, thanks to Walker books, and that was the motivation that kicked me into gear to finally read the whole Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series, and I am forever grateful for the push this gave me as I adored this series, but would’ve put it off without this review waiting. So here are some quick reviews and an overall review for the Infernal Devices.



I am amazed at this book and how much Cassandra has grown from writing city of bones, which is only 3 books older than this one. The characters were so life like in this that they outshone the TMI cast and I found myself genuinely interested in the world and the ongoing plot, and with a plot twist like that, I genuinely was surprised and it made me want to pick up clockwork prince immediately. Overall I enjoyed this just as much as any of her other books and have to give it a 5/5 stars for it’s realistic characters, engaging plot and her writing



I have never felt so conflicted over a book! I’ll be honest and say I was more invested in the characters than the plot BUT this plot did hold my interest well and i found myself reading this super fast just to find out what happened next. This book repeatedly broke my heart with declarations of love and promises made between characters. Seeing the agony they were feeling over certain events made me feel so sad and I am astonished Cassie Clare could do that to me. Honestly this series is better than TMI in my opinion because I love the characters more, honestly this book left me feeling a little empty inside at all this heartbreak but hoping for a happy conclusion (it’s a Cassie Clare book, I’ll never get a happy ending *sigh*)



This was beautiful and bittersweet and I’m honestly glad I’m not writing a full review of this because I don’t think I could gather my thoughts and emotions on this book well enough. This was such a perfect ending, no matter how sad it was, no matter how many tissues I went through, it felt right and complete and the last few pages made me so damn happy and they felt so right. Overall this was beautifully crafted, the world was slowly pulling together at the seams to make a piece of art and by the end all the small pieces had been tied up together and left me so happy. I’m so sad to see these beautiful characters go, but I can’t wait to see them again.



This series follows a young girl known as Tessa Gray, who is not human but not a shadowhunter either as she comes to London to see her brother. The plot follows her life over the next few years as she is hunted for what she is, falls in love, becomes engaged, has her heart broken, and finally sees hope at the end and it was terribly heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. The characters were so realistic and well written that I felt like they were real people I was reading about, and I cried, ALOT, especially during the emotional hell that is Clockwork Princess. No matter how much I cried while reading this series, it was amazing and I loved it so much and would recommend it to everyone.


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