So this is sort of a ‘hey sarah! you have to ACTUALLY do what you said you would’ post. At the start of the year, I gave myself the goal to read 100 books, and to finish 10 series. and now I think it’s time to check in on what my reading looks like for the year so far!


Currently I have read around 60/100 books, putting me past halfway and ahead of my goal which is an AMAZING feeling, so the biggest goal I had, I am achieving!


I am, a generous rater to say the least and personally I think I need to go back and lower ALOT of these ratings as I no longer 100% agree with them, but for now, this is what it stands at this. Majority of the books I have read, have been 5 and 4 star reads, which is great ofcourse! as I’m pretty new to the reading scene, theres ALOT of great and popular books that I’m reading to catch up on what everyone else likes, so I’m having a good year, I’ve only had two 1 star reads!

Screenshot (43)



This isn’t something I personally feel a need to change, perhaps next year I’ll challenge myself to pick up some books out of my comfort zone but for now, this is just interesting to me (And when I finished making this, I laughed at myself because, wow sarah, that’s alot of fantasy) errrr, should I perhaps not read so many fantasy?

Screenshot (45)



this is….. bad, and is why I made that post on ‘I’m a series hoarder’ because, well, I AM! Though, I will admit, this is NOWHERE near as bad as what I expected it to be if I’m honest. (up to date = the series is not complete, but I am up to the latest book. dnf’ed = I read the first book in the series and decided not to continue)

Screenshot (46)

SO, what does all this info mean to me and you? well it means a slight change in the way I read. For the last 6 months of the year, I have a few goals

  • finish 6 series (READ HERE for more info)
  • read 100 books
  • read 3 classics
  • read 12 non fantasy books
  • do a book clean out
  • fix my good reads ratings

They’re all REALLY simple goals, simply because I am such a mood reader that if I try to be more specific (i.e read 6 dystopians, 3 mysteries) it just wont happen or it will, and I’ll hate the book. So I’m going easy on myself

Have you kept up with your reading goals so far? do you even have any reading goals?

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “MID YEAR CHECK IN

    1. I actually don’t……yet. 😂😂😂 I have a bullet journal full of bookish statistics though and I’m so close to keeping specific statistics so I don’t have to search it all up come December 😅 but yeah, I’m a planner by heart

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