TITLE: Little Black Book

AUTHOR: Otegha Uwagba

RATING: ★★★★


WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HarperCollinsNZ sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

PAGES: 113

GENRE: Non-Fiction


This was such a useful and insightful book. Even as someone who works a normal job, not in the creative industry, there was such a wealth of knowledge hidden in this tiny book that allowed me to understand more, and honestly, will allow me to further myself as a person.
Little black book is a tiny non fiction book all about how to better yourself as a woman working in a creative industry. It is divided into easy to digest chapters targeted at different ways to improve yourself and your business. It reminds you that you are an investment and an important person, while giving you real & tangible advice on how to handle the business world. While my normal job isn’t in the creative industry, my blog is and I, like many others, would love to one day call this more than a hobby so there was a lot of information in this book that felt so useful.
This book is divided up into many sections, my favourites being “getting it done”, “back to school”, “looking after number one” and “Q&A” while a lot of this book had tidbits that didn’t relate to me, things that I wouldn’t currently use, I feel like I’m far more knowledgeable with having read this book and far better off for having this knowledge.
Much like “Dear Ijeawele” and “we should all be feminists” this book felt like a piece of golden knowledge, meant only for women in a world so often dominated by men. Overall this was an insightful and important read and something I know I will refer to, multiple times in my future.

I personally believe this is a book any woman in a creative industry should read, or any woman who isn’t sure how to stand up for herself in the business world. This was a great read, and while it would be most useful to the previously mentioned people, I believe this book can be read by anyone.
Until next time,


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