So, the week is over, how’d I do? First of all, let’s see how each day of the week went as I made sure to check in here to show my progress over the week!

Que the panic rising, the blood pumping and the regret setting in as I whine “oh god what have I set myself up for” it’s official. I’ve gone mad, completely bonkers. In truth I’m exhausted from 6 days of work but lets ignore that. I’m a planner by nature so I worked out how many pages total all of my pre planned books adds up to 1,945 which is. A lot less than I predicted, I would LOVE to reach 2,000 pages for the sake of the round number but I’m expecting to fall short at somewhere around 1,500.

All in all I’m still very interested in my selected books

  1. When dimple met rishi 
  2. Little black book 
  3. Foxhole court 
  4. Cruel beauty 
  5. Gilded ashes 
  6. Crimson bound 
  7. Dividing Eden 

At the moment I’m planning on reading Little Black Book when I wake up tomorrow as it’s short and i need to write a review for it. After that I had planned to read When Dimple Met Rishi, however it hasn’t arrived yet so I will Leo a lot move on to cruel beauty or the foxhole court.

(I should also mention, I’m being sent love her wild, a poetry collection from Atticus from Hachette NZ, so I really want to squeeze that in too since it will be a shortish read)

Finally to mention, if for whatever reason, these books no longer hold my interest, here’s a list of books I want to get to asap that I might pick up

  1. Wintersong
  2. Crooked kingdom
  3. Unravel me
  4. Alex Approximately
  5. Harry Potter 1
  6. A promise of fire
  7. One of us is lying
  8. Graceling
  9. The half drowned king


8.37am and I’m starting. I’m planning on reading and finishing little black book and cruel beauty today, but I also have a bookshelf to make, so let’s see how I actually go.

9.41am book one down! I finished Little Black Book, and it’s review is HERE. One book and review done in practically an hour? This is a good start.

It’s the last check in of the day and I’m putting down Cruel Beauty for the night! I’m about 100 pages away from the end but I’m genuinely so tired that I don’t want to ruin this book by not giving it my full attention. I’m also SO in the mood for a romance of sorts. So I’m picking up, the hating game by Sally Thorne sometime before bed, I might not continue it but it’s a possibility



It’s 8pm and I feel like my reading is wrapped up for the night! I’ve read roughly 350 pages today! I finished cruel beauty, started and finished gilded ashes, and read the first half of the foxhole court today! I’m aiming on average to read 280 pages a day, so I’m going good so far! (I am also around 40% through the hating game but that’s low priority)



Oh no, I missed a day! Atleast I can say, that I didn’t miss a day of reading! And I do have a good excuse! I’m sick. (Of course I’d get sick in the middle of this) but yesterday I read 373 pages!!!! WOW that for me is awesome and I feel so proud of myself. But I have to say something sad. I dropped Crimson bound, and replaced it with the raven king by Nora Sakavic. I am ADDICTED to this story and I love the foxes so it doesn’t surprise me that I read that much so

END OF DAY 3 WORDS READ COUNT: 1092/1945 (the last number is no longer accurate since the raven king is shorter than Crimson bound, but is too early in the morning to do math)

I’m planning on finishing the raven king today, and then picking up dividing Eden! (I’m still waiting on when dimple met rishi, fingers crossed it turns up today)


so you see, While I’m actually pretty good at following through with reading goals, I am pretty sucky at checking in! so I was too lazy to check in for the past three days, but I finished this reading challenge yesterday evening and I haven’t read a thing all day, it’s a victory!

SO, what did I read? READATHON WRAP UP

8 books, yeah I’m pretty damn happy with the amount that I have read this week!

So, did these books fit all of my criteria? Yup!

the challenges I set myself were:

  1. Finish 2 books I owned prior to this ( The Foxhole Court & Cruel Beauty )
  2. Finish 2 review books ( Little Black Book, Love Her Wild & When Dimple Met Rishi )
  3. Start & Finish a book in 1 day ( Little Black Book & Gilded Ashes )
  4. Read a book with a diverse MC ( When Dimple Met Rishi )
  5. Read a book you brought for the cover ( Cruel Beauty )
  6. Read a book over 300 pages ( Cruel Beauty, The Hating Game & When Dimple Met Rishi )
  7. Read 7 books! ( I read 8 )

This was such a success and I’m honestly so glad I did this, while I still have LOADS of books I want to get to, this helped get some of my most anticipated ones off my TBR and I’m pretty happy with how I went!

You might see me participating in a few readathons for the rest of the year!

until next time,

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