This year needs to put the breaks on, but alas it wont and I will forever be annoyed at how fast this year is going by. In July I really tried to limit the amount of books I brought, for the sole reason of saving money and well, I can safely say this is the smallest book haul I’ve ever made!



LITTLE BLACK BOOKHARPERCOLLINS –  a book of advice for working women

THE HALF DROWNED KINGHACHETTE – my first ARC!!! a fantasy book based on real events!

DIVIDING EDENHARPERCOLLINS – A fantasy book about twins who have to fight for the throne!

NEVERNIGHTHARPERCOLLINS – (I can’t believe I forgot to add this picture) They were kind enough to send this to me in preperation of GodsGrave! I have heard some very bad things about this book/author though so I will be cautious with this novel.


CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS – okay, so I learned these coloured covers were semi limited edition, i.e they wouldn’t be in print permanently and the first three were already out of print (bless you mum for buying me the first three for my birthday two years ago) so I brought this and the other two on a whim out of anxiety!

CRIMSON BOUND – A retelling of Little red riding hood! I haven’t read anything like it!

WINTERSONG – my friend is obsessed with this book, so I just had to

A PROMISE OF FIRE & A BREATH OF FIRE – these we’re SO cheap, like 8 dollars each and apparently the story is funny, sexy and so great so I just HAD to!

ALEX APPROXIMATELY – my book buying ban had just ended, and I was DESPERATE for something cute & so I brought this in store to quell that need since I didn’t own any contemporaries I hadn’t already read

GIRL ONLINE – same story as above ^^^

ONE OF US IS LYING – My friend didn’t want this copy that much anymore so I brought it from her because I’m weak and I like books.

THE RAVEN KING – listen………. I am foxhole court trash (I also brought THE KINGS MEN but forgot to add a picture of it and I’m currently 45% through it and I don’t want it to end)

13 books? who am I & What have I done with Sarah? Honestly this is amazing for me, I only brought 10 so hurrah! let’s see if I can keep next months haul around 10!

Until Next Time,

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