September, spring has arrived and I’ll be honest. I’m not happy about it (me and summery weather just don’t work). Things in my life have changed so now my close friend is living with me, and because of that, I haven’t been reading or on social media as much. I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not.


The lonliest girl in the universe review
Fireblood review
Try 5 books of my friends recomendations
I am traitor review
Taste of blue light review
Godsgrave review
Stalking Jack The Ripper review
The Language of Thorns review
Invictus review
Wrap Up


So as I said, I’m not so secluded now so I’m really being alot more social which is GREAT for my depression and anxiety, but it has been slowing down my reading. So I suspect I wont be getting much more than 10 books read this month, while I figure out a way to read more while still being social. Eitherway, here’s my TBR. It’s REALLY publisher heavy as everyone seemed to be releasing amazing books this month and I just couldn’t help myself. oops?


Now, the two books that are my non review books seem a little weird for my fantasy tastes, I know. But last moth I started the pull a book title out of the jar, and this month it was ‘the da vinci code’ I find this kind of funny because last time I tried this, I got Angels & Demons which I ended up enjoying so I hope I enjoy this one too. Now the other, a classic (which I REALLY don’t read alot of) is a book my friend/roommate really enjoyed and to quote her ‘even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll learn something from it’ so she picked that book out for me to read this month.

I’ll also drop in a few titles here if some books I REALLY want to get to ASAP 

  • Scarlet – Marissa Meyer 
  • Graceling – Kirsten Cashore
  • One of Us is Lying – Karen M McManus

So there’s 7 books I have to read & 2 I sort of have to? (And 3 I want to) wish me luck?

until next time,

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