Hi guys! As some of you know, my friend now lives with me and while she used to be an avid reader, she now still reads sometimes so I thought it’d be fun to pick up a few books that she’s either read, or picks at random.
This is a second installment of last months post pretty much (you can find it here) I’ll be reading the first chapter of these books, or the first 25 pages if that’s longer. The aim of this is to try more books that I wouldn’t otherwise, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll pick up one of these and love them

Title & Why my friend has picked them
Name of the wind (Patrick Rothfuss)– Because I love it
Misery (Stephen King)– coz I’ve heard good stuff about it.
Black (fleur Farris) – The back sounds interesting and it’s making me think and ponder things, or something.
American gods (Neil Gaiman)– it sounds like it would be an astonishing read
Mansfield park (Jane Austen)– because I’ve read Jane Austen’s works before and enjoyed them.
Okay so now it’s time to read them all, yay? I’m actually not interested in reading ANY of these right now but that kind of makes me excited because what if I’ve been putting these off and I actually might love one of these?

I think my reading order is going to go
1. Name of the Wind
2. Black
3. Misery
4. American Gods
5. Mansfield Park


Thoughts: This was definitely the start of a high fantasy, it left you with so many questions after the first page and I tend to like that about a book. It is a MASSIVE book and undertaking however so I’m not sure if I can handle this, especially since I feel pretty meh about it.

Verdict: Interested, might read if nothing else is better.


Thoughts: ​this was a pretty average YA thriller that slowly built up the tension in the first 50 pages ( It was obviously interesting enough to continue reading past the 25 page mark). The characters were more interesting than the plot but I could see myself sitting down on a rainy day to read this

Verdict: I like it better than Name of the Wind, right now. so, Maybe?


Thoughts: ​this is wacky in the creepiest way. I’m definitely interested in this book, and I’m curious to see how it goes, but I also find Stephen King goes into too much detail for my personal preference so I skim read quite a bit

Verdict: ​stays on the shelf but it’s not for me right now


Thoughts: This was not what I expected, I get it, it’s called american gods for a reason. There’s GODS, but I didn’t expect that and my love for mythology has made me love that part of this story if I’m honest. I’m mainly interested in the gods part of this story, but I also really like Shadow

Verdict: It’s something I want to try continuing.


So, at this point I haven’t really loved any of these books, but I found an interest in American Gods and I’m REALLY not feeling another classic since i just finished one,
So, the winner is: AMERICAN GODS

I’m thinking of making this a month or bi-monthly post? I have so many books on my TBR list that I keep not even picking up that I really need to get my stuff sorted! We’ll see if I actually do it.

Are any of these books, books you love? Tell me below!

Until Next Time,


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