TITLE: I am Traitor

AUTHOR: Sif Sigmarsdóttir


TRIGGER WARNING: none that I can think of (please let me know if you know any!)

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HachetteNZ sent me a physical copy in exchange for an honest review!

PAGES: 392

GENRE: YA Sci-Fi-Dystopian


At the end of the world, who can you trust? The story of one teenager’s fight against an extra-terrestrial invasion. For fans of Michael Grant, Suzanne Collins and Robert Muchamore

London has been targeted by extra-terrestrial life; large pipes fall from the sky, sucking teenagers up into a world that is entirely unimaginable.

Amy Sullivan surrenders in a quest to save the teenage population. But nobody can prepare her for what’s on the other side of the pipes; a grim and gruelling dystopian world run a specialised government. In order to save the human race, she must literally fight the other species. 

Then Amy meets Caesar, a boy who doesn’t seem entirely normal. 

Amy must decide what’s more important – saving planet Earth, or following her heart – wherever it might lead. 

This is the modern day War of the Worlds with romance


This was a very interesting read. I Am Traitor left me with a lot of questions, and made me think about a lot of things that make us human.
I Am Traitor is a YA sci fi novel that follows a teen, Amy as earth is invaded by Aliens. But these aliens look like us. And are taking the young for some reason. It leaves the world in a state of emergency and Amy gets taken.
I personally really liked the characters in this story. There were a mix of characters I loved and loathed. And the interesting point to me, was that I loathed some humans, and loved some aliens. It makes me think of the quote by Jason Donohue I believe “I see humans but no humanity.” as some human characters turned into horrible people to save themselves, while some Aliens did the opposite. They were all such realistic characters who were dealing with so much going on in their lives, and they just wanted to survive.
I found the start of this to be rather slow, it wasn’t until the twist was revealed at the end that I really got invested in the story. So that is the main reason for such a low rating as I normally can get into a book after the first 50-100 pages but this time it took 200ish Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I don’t often read sci fi novels however this one was actually pretty decent.
I think the plot was okay, and I did get more interested in it as the twist became apparent. However I did find that I was sort of meh about it overall? There was obviously a lot going on, people dying, aliens attacking, but it never felt truly dire? I was never invested in the fate of earth and those left on earth, only the few characters whom I liked.
Either way this was a really decent novel. I’m not sure if it was a standalone or a series starter but in my opinion it could be read as a standalone.
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