this site is like a drug??? Netgalley update

Hi guys! It’s been an exhausting few weeks and it honestly feels amazing to just curl up under a blanket and blog, it’s theraputic almost! So today, I’m taking you guys through the books I’ve been approved for on Netgalley, and the books I’ve read on Netgalley. This is my first time doing this so I’m not sure how the formatting will look just yet, but expect this to become a monthly thing!



BOOKS I’VE BEEN APPROVED FOR (and haven’t started/finished yet);

  • NINTH CIRCLE (releases october 22nd) 
    This has a supernatural esque vibe. Where there are two sisters, and someone goes missing so they have to hunt through the nine levels of hell to find them or something? I’m not entirely sure as I, like alot of other readers, like to be surprised going into a novel
  • ARTEMIS (releases November 14th)
    BE STILL MY BEATING HEART, ANOTHER NOVEL FROM ANDY WEIR? this time we’re on the moon, following a smuggeler called Jaz I believe? there’s a whole colony of people living on the moon, and the rich vacation there and honestly this sounded amazing
  • STARLINGS (releases Janurary 5th)
    I think more than anything, this was a cover request and I regret NOTHING!
    Though, now that I skimmed the description. This is a collection of short stories that follow the travels of a single coin. It sounds weird, but super promising.
  • CHILDREN OF DAEDALA (releases March 20th)
    This is a novel set in the labrynth of Daedala I believe, where the MC is nameless, and has spent 6 months down there trying to survive, and now has a chance to escape!
  • BROADCAST (already released)
    this is a novel about a world where this chip can be implanted in you, and then every thought, emotion and thing you do is broadcast to the world, it’s like extreme vlogging and it sounds terrifying!
  • THE GIRL IN THE TOWER (releases 25th January)
    I haven’t read the bear and the nightingale, but it’s on it’s way to me and I REALLY want to read both of these so I’m praying I’ll be accepted (hopefully sooner than later)
  • EVERLESS (releases 27th December)
    This is a cool YA novel where you can buy time or something? The rich run the world and I think the poor are ready to overthrow them
    I saw this was coming out and honestly, I’m not a major comic reader BUT I have always liked what I’ve seen of batwoman so I wanted to give this a go. it follows her origin I believe?


    This is a collection of four stories by Joe Hill (the son of Stephen King) and I’ve got the physical copy coming, but I personally prefer switching between formats
    A poetry collection by Nikita Gill (one of my favourite tumblr poets) I am S O  excited for this. Same story as above though, I will be receiving a finished physical copy to review.
    I am VERY interested in this, it’s got alot of hype surrounding it and I’m curious to see if it’s because they’ve written a good book, or because they’re popular people!

Have you read ANY of these books? if so, let me know down in the comments below!
until next time,




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