Hi guys and welcome to my second T5T! this is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah over at BionicBookWorm the second topic for October was


Now there’s a problem with this for me, I don’t read alot of horror or thriller novels. So, here’s 5 books on my TBR that have some spooky vibes but not be outright scary, since most of mine are thrillers! T

1. THE WOMAN IN BLACK AND OTHER GHOST STORIES – This is a collection of 5 stories told by Susan Hill and I’ve heard some really good things about this. The Woman In Black is on my TBR for this month too so I should be reading this asap

2.NIGHT FILM – This one is really highly rated but it’s MASSIVE. As far as I know this is a thriller that follows a girl trying to uncover the past that is her father. I found an ARC for 4$ at a bookfair so I really need to read this. I have a feeling this will be more like, what’s going on? rather than actually spooky

3.MISERY – now this one I can tell you a little about, I tried reading this for my try 5 books in September, and I got about 30 pages in. This is all sorts of twisted and fucked up! This follows the story of an author who get’s in a massive car crash and gets saved by his psycho number 1 fan.

4.BLACK – we need some different genres don’t we? So here’s a YA thriller, I got this off my friend and I’m honestly quite interested by it. It follows a girl who’s friends have all died after becoming friends with her, so now everyone in the town avoids her. I believe something starts chasing/attacking her so I think this might be slightly supernaturalish.

5.THE GROWNUP – The lucky last, and the only one I have ACTUALLY read. This is super short and super weird! it follows a woman who goes to a house to do a cleansing, only to fins out all sorts of weird things about the family and then well, a plot twist happens so I can’t exactly say but this was spooky and had an ending I didn’t expect

Have you read any of these? Should I pick some up for Halloween? tell me below!
Until next time,


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