QUICK REVIEW – into the mystic

TITLE: Into The Mystic

AUTHOR: various

RATING: 3 stars


WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS: Via one of the authors

Hi guys and welcome to my first quick review! I was sent an ecopy of this collection of short stories from one of the authors, in exchange for an honest review and i’m Super happy to say I enjoyed them all a decent amount though some stories definitely weren’t for me, so onto some quick fire reviews. TL;DR – I overall found this enjoyable but forgettable.


Story 1
This was… strange, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and honestly it wasn’t something I was interested in. This story follow a character who ends up falling in love with and ‘mating’ with, trees. Yeah it was like a fairy tale on acid or something. Interesting, but not exactly my thing.

Story 2
This was really interesting, though again, strange. This follows a main character who has moved away from Haiti to New Orleans I believe and has a job as a mail sorter. But then she finds a letter that is possessed, and becomes friends with the ghost who possessed it, and eventually lovers. It was cute and sweet, but the falling in love with a ghost element was a tad weird.

Story 3
This was cute and sweet but I have to admit I kept waiting for something to happen like the selkies turning on the witch. This just felt a little unfinished? I felt like the story had more behind it.
Story 4
Okay this was so cute. The werewolf and the witch fell in love and we’re both just as strong as each other, this was super fun and short and well written.
Story 5
This was alright; it followed a witch who went up against another to protect someone she loved and while it was cute it felt like it was lacking alot of finer points but that was probably because of the length
Story 6
This felt like a folk tale interwoven into modern day and was the first story to me that wasn’t solely focused on the romance, I really enjoyed reading this and found the procession of the dead super interesting
Story 7
THIS WAS SUPER CUTE! A vampire became human to be with someone they loved and was super accepting of their mental illnesses. Adorable
Story 8
This was sweet and gave such a harsh reminder why we need to look after the environment while weaving in tales of selkies and having to learn about yourself.
Story 9
This was sad and haunting. I felt bad for the main characters and how they couldn’t change their fates. It made me want to hug them and overall it was really sweet
Story 10
This was longer and more in depth and for that reason I feel like it was able to give more! This was the story of a mermaid and a woman’s loved intiwining and then learning about each other


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