Down the Final TBR hole

So, it finally happened…. I got bored of going through all my books on my goodreads TBR and decided it was time to finish this up, and surprisingly, there weren’t that many books I wanted to get rid of. I think this will become a periodic thing I do to help keep my TBR at a manageable level, but for now, it’s time to say goodbye. So let’s get on with it.
I’m just going through the books I want to get rid of, not keep, otherwise we’d be here forever
The anatomy of being
This is a poetry collection a friend read and recommended to me, but I’m no longer really interested in it
This sounded interesting when I first looked at it, but now I’m no longer really interested in thrillers
All of the grisha books I have.
Yeah I know, it’s crazy. I like six of crows and crooked kingdom, and language of thorns! But I don’t care for the shadow and bone series. I loved the first book and hated the next two. Oh well.
Sputnik sweetheart
I still own this, but I still haven’t picked it up which is really dumb. I will eventually though but right now, I have no interest in it.
Half bad.
Apparently this is a really shitty book? And the synopsis no longer intrigues me so it’s gone.
Another thriller, I’m so over them, honestly don’t want to read another one for a year
Lullabies and love & misadventure
I tried lullabies and honestly didn’t like it at all. I DNF’ed it around 30% and have no interest in picking them back up
Another thriller, I went through a time of really wanting to read thrillers and now I can’t stand them so bye.
The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava lavender.
This just sounds like a generic old YA book and it no longer interests me
Why did I even add this? I can’t ever see myself reading this….
And the trees crept in
A friend recommended it, not really interested anymore
And the final one?
The hearts we sold
Same as above, sigh. I tend to add anything my close friends really like, and that’s been backfiring bc I’m just such a picky reader
well, that’s it for now. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!
until next time,

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