top 5 tuesday AUTO BUY AUTHORS

Hello and welcome to another installment of Top 5 Tuesdays, a tag hosted by the lovely Shanah, over at thebionicbookworm. the first topic for November was,


So let’s talk about them. I personally, have 0 auto buy authors which, even to me sounds totally nuts! But I find, even my favourite Authors, sometimes produce books I’m just plain not into. So I’ll give you 5 authors that I’m either A. new to, or, B. Haven’t read anything from, that I think, might one day become my Auto Buy Authors




I have only read ‘DEATHLESS’ by Catherynne, however it’s a book that still holds my heart in a vice like grip, so I’m slowly planning on checking out some of her other works! She writes beautifuly poetic stories and if they’re as good as Deathless is, she will easily become a favourite author







So, I read and devoured ‘THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER’ In about 5 hours…. with 0 regrets because it was SO good. And honestly? I’ve heard AMAZING things about the rest of the series and if it’s as good as book 1? you bet she’ll become an auto buy author







Guys, I read and ADORED the shatter Me series. You might qask why she’s not an auto buy author already for me? Because I’m just not into middle grade books, BUT if she comes out with more YA or Adult books, I’d snatch them up in a heartbeat.








Shes a debut Author, with only “THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE” currently out, but I’m in love with what she’s written. I was lucky enough to get approved for an arc of “THE GIRL IN THE TOWER” So after reading that, I think I’ll be able to say if she’s an auto buy author!



and finally,




I read and wanted to cry over the beauty that was “THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN” and have just dumbly never continued with her other book which I NEED to, but I thinka fter reading a second book by her, I’ll be able to decide on if she will become an auto buy author or not!



And that’s that! Thanks for tuning in for todays Top 5 Tuesday, and I can’t wait to see you guys next week,

till next time,


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