Top 5 Tuesday 5 REASONS I BLOG

Hello and welcome to another installment of Top 5 Tuesdays, a tag hosted by the lovely Shanah, over at thebionicbookworm. the third topic for November was,


So let’s get into them. Today’s going to be nice and snappy, as I talk about 5 random reasons I blog

  1. It’s writing, without the stress.
    I’m a writer by nature, but I have the issue where, writing stories and plotting can stress me out, where as this gives me the chance to write HEAPS and do it mostly stress free
  2. It forces me to do something
    Say what? Why would I want that? because I’m a person who deals with depression and honestly? if I had my way I’d just lie down and do nothing all day. This blog, motivates me to keep my social media running, to write on this blog, and to read.
  3. It’s something I really and truly enjoy
    I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, I adore making the pictures to go with any post, and I do enjoy writing them up, even the stressful ones like wrap ups where I compile lots of info.
  4. It’s a social thing
    While it’s not going out and running about with other people, it’s a low stress way of interacting with people, it lets me interact in the comments on my posts, and others. Without that, I think I’d feel a lot worse
  5. I’m not going to lie….. Publishers
    I adore publishers and I am so so so lucky to work with 3 of them. It’s a big reason to why I started my blog because I wanted to review books for a publisher, and I did, then I contacted another, and another and now here I am!

Honestly, my blog has taught me SO much in the way of life skills and I’m super thankful for making it, even if I one day abandon it.

till next time,

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