Hi guys and welcome to a post, I decided last month to not really do a TBR, and while it was pretty stress free, I still felt like I had to read certain books so, I’m going to try to make one this month and see if I stick to it.


This Mortal Coil – Emily Suvada
The team over at PenguinNZ were kind enough to send me a copy of this and while I’ve heard mixed things, I really want to give it a go.

Burning Glass – Kathryn Purdie
This was sent to me by HarperCollinsNZ and honestly I really cant wait to dive in as it seems like the main character is effected by other peoples emotions.

Hunting Prince Dracula – Kerri Maniascalco
This was sent to me a while ago and I feel so bad for not getting to it sooner, but I will be getting to it early this month!


The Girl in the Tower – Kathrine Arden
The sequel to the beautiful ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ is a book I recieved as an ARC and I can’t wait to read it

The Awakening of Ren Crown – Anne Zoelle
I’ve heard people raving about this everywhere so I’ve decided to finally pick it up because it keeps intriguing me.


There’s Someone Inside Your House – Stephanie Perkins
I’ve heard mixed things about this, but I got it for my birthday and I honestly am really intrigued so hopefully I get to this

The Becoming of Noah Shaw – Michelle Hodkins
I am OBSESSED with the characters in the Mara Dyer series and I love it so so much that I think I really need to get to it ASAP so I can be up to date, and so I can see more of Mara and Noah

So, have you read any of these books?
Did you love them or hate them
Let me know in the comments below!

until next time,


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