If any of you are interested in Beating on your Backlist he rules are simple:

Challenge runs from January 1-December 31 2018
Your book cannot be pubbed in 2018

Now, you head on over to NovelKnight and sign up.


So, what is the beat the backlist challenge ? It’s a challenge to read as much as you can —— OF BOOKS YOU ALREADY OWN ! Since I work for publishers, I’m often reading new releases for reviews but I still keep buying other books I’m interested in, and so I have accumulated this massive pile of books I want to read at some point… I just don’t know when. Now how big is this pile? oh, only,

80 BOOKS HIGH ! ( please ignore how messy my shelves are at the moment, and the top right shelf, and second right shelf, from the right to the marble container are read already, and the top left ones, again to the container are review books so they don’t count ) this isn’t all of them, but I thought a visualisation might help you guys see how darn big my TBR is and how hopeless it is ! here’s my GOODREADS SHELF WITH ALL OF THE BOOKS THAT QUALIFY FOR THIS CHALLENGE.



While that might not be alot of books to some people, to me it’s waaaaaaaay too many. So I personally want to use this challenge to help lower that amount, my goal is to get my physical TBR below 50 books. That means I need to read 42 books from my backlist! This year I managed to read over 120 books, so I think this is actually accomplishable if I put a little effort in .

So while I wont be making an actual TBR for this, these are the books that I own and will be used for this challenge, I think I’ll be starting with last book in the mara dyer trilogy! I’ll try to include atleast 2 books that I already own for my monthly TBR, but we’ll see how that goes ! Good luck to anyone competing !



until next time,


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