2018 reading goals !

Hi guys and welcome to that yearly post where we sit here with beautiful intentions to be the best readers we can be. And then some times fail…..
Today I’m telling you guys my 2018 reading goals !
I learnt a few things about my reading in 2017 ( you can read a whole post about it here ) and learning those things has helped me shape out what I want to accomplish by the end of 2018 reading wise. So let’s kill the suspense and get going,

The goodreads goal.

I am guilty of loving goodreads goals and using them to encourage myself to read more. Last year I started off with a goal of 25 books…. then 50….. then 75 and currently I’ve read over 130 books this year which is absolutely insane to me. Last year I had no idea what my reading would be like, but now I have a better idea.
I believe if I wanted a challenge I could aim for 120, but because I’m going to be studying and eventually also working at the same time, I’m going to stick with the goal of 100 books.

The TBR takedown goal.

As of today, I have 95 books on my TBR shelf, and 2018 is looking promising with a bunch of books I want to read. So, 2018 is *hopefully* the year I get my TBR shelf under 50.either by reading or getting rid of books I no longer have any interest in.
This is probably going to be the most challenging challenge since I’m always picking up new books, and working with publishers means newer books get priority. But I’m really going to try.

Actively try to read more diversely.

This means, for me atleast, keeping an eye out for new diverse books coming out, looking at people’s recommendations more, and checking what books publishers are offering to see if they’re diverse. I would prefer them to be mostly #ownvoices. But I know I won’t be able to get them all ownvoices ofc. So I’m aiming to read atleast 1 diverse book a month, but there is a huge amount of them I’m interested in, so fingers crossed I read way more than that. Ideally, it’d be atleast 50% of all my books but I’m not sure if that will happen.

So, do you have similar reading goals? Tell me yours below!

Till next time,

6 thoughts on “2018 reading goals !

  1. I’m working on a reading goals post just now and I think mine will be pretty similar. I definitely need to try and get my TBR down, I’m too scared to even count how many books I own but haven’t read.

    Good luck

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