BADASS WOMEN ! 100 nasty women of history review

TITLE: 100 Nasty Women of History

AUTHOR: Hannah Jewell

RATING: ★★★★

TRIGGER WARNING: Some women who have done some bad things, & horrible men.

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HachetteNZ sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: Non Fiction


These are the women who were deemed too nasty for their times – too nasty to be recognised, too nasty to be paid for their work and sometimes too nasty to be allowed to live. 

When you learn about women in history, it’s hard not to wonder: why do they all seem so prim and proper? The truth is, you’re probably not being told the whole story. Also, (mostly male) historians keep leaving out or glossing over some of the most badass women who ever walked the surface of this planet. Fake news!

But fret not. Former Buzzfeed senior writer and Washington Post pop culture host Hannah Jewell has got you covered. In 100 Nasty Women of History, Hannah will spill the tea on:

-the women with impressive kill counts
-the women who wrote dangerous things
-the women who fought empires and racists
-the women who knew how to have a good-ass time
-the women who punched Nazis (metaphorically but also not)

And that’s just half of the women in this book. That’s pretty metal.

So, if you think that Nasty Women are a new thing, think again. They’ve always been around – you just haven’t always heard of them. Take these stories and tell them to your friends. Write them on a wall. Sneakily tell them to your niece (who’s old enough to hear the bad words, of course). Post them to your local MP (especially if it’s a man). Make your friends dress up as Nasty Women for Halloween. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History who gave zero f*cks whatsoever. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History who made a difference.


This was one hell of a ride! 100 nasty women of history, is a non fiction book that talks about it’s own title, 100 nasty women of history. This book was born from one careless comment by Donald Trump, calling Hillary Clinton, a ‘nasty, nasty woman’ and thus, Hannah Jewell decided to look back in history, at all the women who angered men.

This was such a joyous ride, learning about a murderous empress, someone who climbed enormous mountains, to the amazing women who save thousands of lives in the world wars. This book left NONE of them out, and gave us something most history books wouldn’t, recognition as a woman. AND to boot ? This book included POC, I wish now that I had’ve counted how many there were to White women, but I do know there would have atleast been 30 out of the 100 that were POC which was heart warming ( not to mention there were four New Zealanders total, two Pakeha & two maori, woo hoo !)


  1. How 1 to 6 pages were dedicated to each woman, it gave enough info for you to learn and want to learn more, but barely ever gave too much
  2. how this was written in modern tones ( i.e calling someone a ‘ho’ saying something was ‘lit’ ) because even though these arent terms I use, they’re terms some people use & it might help encourage them to pick up this important book
  3. The fact that this was POC inclusive, she didn’t adhere to what history is so bad for, hiding the intelligent women who didn’t come from Europe, and I loved that about this book


  1. there was literally only one thing, and that was that sometimes on those 6 page long stories, i felt like I was so overwhelmed with info that I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore and promptly forgot stuff.

Either way I am SO glad I read this and now know how important Woman were in history ( hint hint, they played JUST as bigger role as men, obviously )

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