TITLE: Worlds of You

AUTHOR: Beau Taplin

RATING: ★★★.5

TRIGGER WARNING: none that I could see!

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HarperCollinsNZ sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: Poetry


A collection of empowering poetry and prose from Australia’s favourite social-media poet.

Think of Beau Taplin as capturing the essence of love and heartbreak, challenges and paradoxes, yearning and fulfilment, and attaching that to magical, majestic life. Beautiful, inspiring and empowering, Beau Taplin’s words sweep readers away on a journey of emotion. When you need advice, wisdom, something for your soul, Beau offers insight and balm.

my thoughts

“I like to think that loneliness,
is just the echo of missing a person,
You haven’t quite had the pleasure of
Meeting yet”
Worlds of you is a collection of poetry and prose based on love. It comes in the form of self love, reminding you, that you are important. And love in general of family and the elusive perfect match. This is a pretty average length poetry collection sitting at 187 pages long and a lot of the pages feature more than one poem so in reality you’re probably getting around 220 poems.
There’s no doubt in my mind that my favourite part of this collection was the ‘spirit’ part. This is the smaller part of the book. Starting around page 120 and its focus is on self love, something a lot of people lack the knowledge of. I found a lot of the poems in that section hard hitting and poignant.
I did enjoy the ‘heart’ section, all the poems and prose in that area were just as beautifully crafted and while I couldn’t connect with them, that didn’t take away how well they were written and how hard they would hit someone who has been in love before.
Overall this was a well written and hard hitting collection. I think if you’ve had any experience with love, and are a fan of poetry. This is a must.
Until next time,

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