time travelling & mind bending // INVICTUS REVIEW

TITLE: Invictus

AUTHOR: Ryan Graudin


TRIGGER WARNING: None that I know of

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HachetteNZ sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: Science Fiction.


Time flies when you’re plundering history.

Farway Gaius McCarthy was born outside of time. The son of a time-traveling Recorder from 2354 AD and a gladiator living in Rome in 95 AD, Far’s birth defies the laws of nature. Exploring history himself is all he’s ever wanted, and after failing his final time-traveling exam, Far takes a position commanding a ship with a crew of his friends as part of a black market operation to steal valuables from the past.

But during a heist on the sinking Titanic, Far meets a mysterious girl who always seems to be one step ahead of him. Armed with knowledge that will bring Far’s very existence into question, she will lead Far and his team on a race through time to discover a frightening truth: History is not as steady as it seems.

my thoughts
Invictus was one wild ride. This novel follows a group of teenagers who have their own ship where they travel through time for the black market.
This is a YA sci-fi novel that while slow moving and often boring, features great characters and a really nice ending. This novel follows Faraway, a boy who is the captain of a black market ship. When he goes to steal something from the Titanic, his world begins to unravel as something unknown starts to change the world from under his feet.
My favorite part of this novel were the characters, from Far’s ego, to Imogen’s forever changing hair, Grams mind, Priya’s heart and Eliot’s courage. They all brought something different to the field and they melded well together, offering a well balanced crew of people who need something from each other and learn to rely on each other. The character growth in this novel is astounding as we see some characters go from ego tripping to having a heart and realising that there’s no point in fighting.
The plot was confusing for the whole time of the novel which was a constant distraction for me, because I wanted to understand what was going on, and while I do sometimes like to not expect plot twists and such, it can get annoying when you don’t understand the world or plot at all. Overall, this was a decent novel and a good stand alone but it wasn’t phenomenal by any merits.
-the characters
-the character growth/relationships
-the world
-how many questions were never answered
-the confusion that this book carried with it.
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5 thoughts on “time travelling & mind bending // INVICTUS REVIEW

  1. Great review. I can totally understand your thoughts on this. I have to admit I absolutely love time travel stories for all of the questions they raise (and don’t bloomin answer) but it can be frustrating.

    The characters are the absolute highlight of this story though. I loved them all and really want to join the crew.


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