TITLE: The Queen’S Rising

AUTHOR: Rebecca Ross

RATING: ★★★★.5

TRIGGER WARNING: none that I can think of, please feel free to tell me otherwise!

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HarperCollinsNZ sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: Fantasy


Born out of wedlock, Brienna is cast off by her noble family and sent to Magnolia House – a boarding house for those looking to study the passions: art, music, dramatics, wit and knowledge. Brienna must discover her passion and train hard to perfect her skill, in the hope that she will one day graduate and be chosen by a wealthy patron, looking to support one of the `impassioned’. As Brienna gets closer to the eve of her graduation, she also grows closer to her smart (and handsome) tutor, Cartier. He can sense that she is hiding a secret, but Brienna chooses not to reveal that she is experiencing memories of her ancestors – memories uncovering the mysteries of the past that may have dangerous consequences in the present. A daring plot is brewing – to overthrow the usurper king and restore the rightful monarchy – and Brienna’s memories hold the key to its success. Cartier desperately wants to help Brienna, but she must chose her friends wisely, keep her enemies close and trust no one if she is to save herself and her people.


The queen’s rising is a YA fantasy novel that follows a young girl as she studies to become a passion, someone who has mastered the subject of art, music, dramatics, wit or knowledge. But with her choice of passion a new talent comes forth and she is wrapped in a dangerous tale of rebellion.
my thoughts
This novel was exquisitely written, I went into it, expecting just an average YA novel that told the story of a girl rising from her own ashes with a sword, but this was that and so much more. This novel particularly dealt well with the fact that Brianna’s mother came from one land, and her father another. Leaving her confused and sometimes feeling out of place as she tries to find her home among the people of Valeria, when half of her blood sings for Maevana.
I think my favourite part of this novel was the myths behind it, the great Kavanagh’s who wield the magic of dragons and sat on the throne, how their magic could go astray in battle and one day, they were all murdered and a man was given then throne. I really enjoyed how there was the twist that in maevana women ruled, they were the ones who held swords and made choices, this was polarised by Valeria, as men ruled that kingdom and they tried to interfere, placing a man on Maevana’z throne which ultimately leads to a dark life for Maevana.
This novel deals with a lot of character growth, we see Brianna go from a girl who is unsure on what to do with her life, to one who defies her father, who stands beside the newly crowned queen and does what is best for her. It was a really empowering thing to read about and I’m sure younger girls will absolutely love to read about a girl learning who she is.
Overall my favorite part of this was the family Brianna formed with one of the royal families, they took her in and called her daughter, but I also loved how her brother only knew her for a few days before standing up to his corrupt father to protect her. This just had beautiful and healthy family dynamics all around.
I absolutely adored this novel and can’t wait to continue this trilogy!
Until next time,

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