Hi guys and welcome back to top 5 Tuesday, a tag hosted by the lovely Shanah, over at thebionicbookworm.  Today, I’ll be talking about…

MARCH 6th – Top 5 authors I want to meet!

When you live in a small country like mine, meeting authors isn’t something that actually happens very often, if at all! so I’ve never really put much thought into this before, but I think it would have to be some of my favorite authors.

    While I have heard some people aren’t fans of her as a person, I really love her mara dyer series and it was one of the first paranormal series I read so I’d love to get to hear her talk about the world she built to make it
    Okay, it’s true, shatter me owns my heart. plus, I’ve never been much of a dystopian fan, the world always is the focus but she managed to make the focus on this group of people, and the fact alone that she caught my interest in a dystopian says a lot so I would love to talk to her about it
    It’s funny, I didn’t read a single book of his last year, but I still love him as an author. The Percy Jackson series was one of my favorites growing up & seeing all the hard work he is putting in to add inclusion to his books & the world just makes me want to talk to him about world building & weaving mythology.
    Okay, if you had to ask me what my all-time favorite series is, it would be the foxhole court. I love how dark it is & how she wove her characters, it’s genuinely something I aspire to have, characters as realistic as hers & I would love to learn how she did it.
    It’s actually unfair how well he writes, how every single one of his books makes me cry… I really need to know how he does it. He’s super talented and I just admire him a lot

So, there are five authors that I admire for their talents & make me want to write more & more. Pretty much, any author I can learn from, I want to meet. Is that bad? probably not, expanding knowledge is good or something like that!

What authors do you want to meet?

until next time,

4 thoughts on “T5T ! TOP 5 AUTHORS I WANT TO MEET !

  1. I’ve actually met Patrick Ness twice now and I can confirm how awesome he is in person. His book signings are always crazy busy so I didn’t get much time to talk to him but even listening to him talking about his books was wonderful.

    I would absolutely love to meet Stephen King. I just think he would be so fascinating.

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