you belong // heart talk book review

TITLE: Heart Talk

AUTHOR: Cleo Wade


TRIGGER WARNING: none that i can think of

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: Allen & Unwin sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: non-fiction / self help


A beautifully illustrated book from Cleo Wade—the artist, poet, and speaker who has been called “the Millennial Oprah” by New York Magazine—that offers creative inspiration and life lessons through poetry, mantras, and affirmations, perfect for fans of the bestseller Milk & Honey.

True to her hugely popular Instagram account, Cleo Wade brings her moving life lessons to Heart Talk, an inspiring, accessible, and spiritual book of wisdom for the new generation. Featuring over one hundred and twenty of Cleo’s original poems, mantras, and affirmations, including fan favorites and never before seen ones, this book is a daily pep talk to keep you feeling empowered and motivated.

With relatable, practical, and digestible advice, including “Hearts break. That’s how the magic gets in,” and “Baby, you are the strongest flower that ever grew, remember that when the weather changes,” this is a portable, replenishing pause for your daily life.

Keep Heart Talk by your bedside table or in your bag for an empowering boost of spiritual adrenaline that can help you discover and unlock what is blocking you from thriving emotionally and spiritually.

my thoughts

Heart talk is a coffee table book full of inspirations and motivations. This book is written by Cleo Wade, an influential woman who was been in top 50 and 100 lists. Ths book is a bunch of her poems and thoughts all bound up into a portable pocket of self help. This book specialses in showing you, that you are enough as you are, and that you don’t need to change for anyone or anything to become “who you need to be”

First off, my favourite part of this book was the pages where it felt like she was talking to you, her writing informal and cozy, like you were sitting at a kitchen table with her drinking coffee. These pages were sometimes only a few words long, other times they spanned a few pages in length as they explained how to love yourself.

After this, my next favorite part is probably the hand written lines, sometimes a repetition of a word, other times, a small quote to get you back on your feet, they felt like something that she might have written down and pinned onto your fridge on her way our the door which is a rather comforting idea for many people.

This book was well crafted, the poems, advice, and hand written notes flowing together into something seamless, and it left you feeling a little better, no matter the situation. I think this is a great book for anyone who is into self love or self help, or is that kind of person who collects inspirational books. It really is worth a read if you need a pick me up.

Overall this book was written well, while I didn’t enjoy the poetry at all, I did love the rest of the book and it going to sit on my coffee table, as something people can flip through and gain some inspiration and self love.

until next time,

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