Hi guys and welcome to another post of top 5 Tuesday, a tag hosted by the lovely Shanah, over at thebionicbookworm.  Today, I’ll be talking about…

MARCH 27th – Top 5 characters that would win the show Survivor

This is an intriguing post idea and I never thought about it until now but I really like the idea of it and so here are 5 characters I think would win Survivor.

  1. Mia Corvere ( Nevernight )
    Let’s be real here if this girl can take down sandworm things that puke out acid at people and are as big as houses? I think she can handle some other people on an island
  2. Aaron Warner ( Shatter Me )
    If you can lead a few hundred soldiers while never once cracking and showing them what you’re really like, you can fool your way into anything & then fuck everyone over.
  3. Kaz Brekker ( Six of Crows )
    Kaz would be lethal, he’d probably just scare the competition away in all reality, but a win is a win, right?
  4. Nona Grey ( Red Sister )
    She’s trained to be a shield, to protect and serve so I think she’d be capable of beating the odds and winning through sheer intelligence and effort. She wouldn’t give up.
  5. Citra Terranova ( Scythe )
    This is a girl trained in hand to hand combat, poisons, and weaponry, while she might not be willing to kill off innocents, she would find a way to win and have the skills for it.

Who do you think would win survivor?

until next time,


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