TITLE:  The Stand In

AUTHOR: Steve Bloom


TRIGGER WARNING: none that I noticed, please tell me if there is any!

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: WalkerbooksAUS sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: Contemporary


When Brooks volunteered to be a stand-in for Burdette’s cousin who got stood up for Homecoming, it was with the noblest of intentions-helping a fellow human being, free of charge. But when he gets a tip of more than three hundred bucks, word spreads quickly and Brooks seizes the opportunity to offer his impeccable escort services to super-wealthy parents who want their daughters to experience those big social events of senior year.

Besides, Brooks could use the cash to hire a tutor to get admitted to Columbia University. So what if along the way he goes along with a few minor deceptions and cuts a few moral corners? What could be the harm? 

my thoughts

This was that kind of story that had an interesting premise, and followed through pretty decently. Brooks Rattigan is a teenager in his last year of college, he’s fighting hard to get into Columbia University while dealing with a dad that doesn’t care about the world, and while working a dead end job. But of course, what seems to good to be true, often really is.

I really liked how this book commented on the aspects of wealth, how the main character goes on dates for money to make ends meet, while the people he’s fake dating, can easily throw away hundreds of dollars just for one night of entertainment. The polar opposites is a really interesting aspect of the story that I wasn’t expecting.

I also really liked the the fact that the main character was a male. In fantasy we see that a decent amount, but I have noticed in YA contemporaries, that there aren’t many male lead ones. It was kinda nice to see that, and I’m sure it will be nice for a teenager to read, to make themselves feel a bit more seen in the world.

I found all the characters to be likable. I liked Brookes characterisation, how he wanted desperatley to leave his town and move to Columbia, but being hindered by his father and lack of money. I really like how he had developed by the end of the book even though he was an enjoyable main character for the whole ride. I also really liked how the girls Brooks ‘dated’ weren’t ‘air headed’ or two dimensional, they had substance and were treated like real people which was really nice.

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