cute stories of blooming love HOW WE MET REVIEW

TITLE: How We Met

AUTHOR: Michele A’Court

RATING: 3 stars

TRIGGER WARNING: none that I can think of

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS: harpercollinsNZ sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review

GENRE: non fiction


How We Met is based on a collection of ‘How We Met’ stories – those lovely stories couples love to tell (and we all love to hear) about how they got together. The author’s theory: that these stories of how couples meet – the romantic, absurd, serendipitous, convoluted, scandalous, breath-taking moments of connection – help to weave their lives together. Partly as ‘proof’ that they were meant to begin this couple-journey, and also because in each retelling they go back to those first falling-in-love feelings and rekindle the passion.

The theory is based on a hunch, which itself is based on nothingmore than the author’s observations of watching couples as they talk. Michele then tests her thesis out on a neuroscientist and a psychologist, and by the end of the book, has some useful things to say not only about how great love starts,but how it stays great.

my thoughts

This was a pretty cute collection of stories of couples getting together, and the science behind that first spark of romance. Overall this was a nice fluffy read with some science sprinkled in, but it did get overly repetitive after page 200
I enjoyed the laid back way this was written, like you could hear Michele actually talking to you over a coffee in your own lounge. I also appreciated how kiwi this was, it’s such a tribute to New Zealand that most of the stories take place here and in some places I totally recognised
There were cute stories, stories that had heartbreak and a few that might be called scandalous but they all ended happily and that was something nice to read about with all the darkness going on in the world
However, even though the people and the events were different in the 40+ stories, I could help but feel like they were all the same post page 200. They began to blur together, only the few remarkable ones really standing out. I don’t think this was due to bad writing or anything, just too much of the same subject matter at once you know? A shorter version of this book, or maybe reading it over a longer time would’ve helped a lot
Overall this non fiction book was interesting especially for the science it showed to explain love, lust and what makes a good relationship.
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