TITLE:  The Radical Element

AUTHOR: Various

RATING: ★★★.5

TRIGGER WARNING: none that I noticed, please tell me if there is any!

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: WalkerbooksAUS sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: Historical short stories


In an anthology of revolution and resistance, a sisterhood of YA writers shines a light on a century and a half of heroines on the margins and in the intersections.

To respect yourself, to love yourself—should not have to be a radical decision. And yet it remains as challenging for an American girl to make today as it was in 1927 on the steps of the Supreme Court. It’s a decision that must be faced whether you’re balancing on the tightrope of neurodivergence, finding your way as a second-generation immigrant, or facing down American racism even while loving America. And it’s the only decision when you’ve weighed society’s expectations and found them wanting. In The Radical Element, twelve of the most talented writers working in young adult literature today tell the stories of the girls of all colors and creeds standing up for themselves and their beliefs—whether that means secretly learning Hebrew in early Savannah, using the family magic to pass as white in 1920s Hollywood, or singing in a feminist punk band in 1980s Boston. And they’re asking you to join them.

my thoughts

OVERALL. I really enjoyed my time reading this book, and definitely preferred it to a tyranny of petticoats. It was fun and a few stories managed to make me cry. If you’re into femenist books, or historical books, you should pick this up. 

This was actually SO good. If you’ve read my review for the first book in this ‘series’ you’d know overal I enjoyed the stories but didn’t love them. This one however? Gets a 4.5 from me. What a strong start! A story about a Jewish girl who wants to learn, and teach! God she was the loveliest main character, and while I was upset with her family, I couldn’t be angry at them. I also loved her alluded love interest as there was no ramnace, just mentions of being interested. Overall this was so good
I enjoyed this one well enough, but it definitely wasn’t as good as the first one. The best point of this, was for me, the talks on religion. How it doesn’t matter what your religion is, as long as it’s promoting good things, it should be okay. I also enjoyed how strong the main character was, running from a mob who wanted her dead, just to protect the words of her leader. Overall this got a 3 Star
STORY 3 4 stars
I actually feared up a little at the end. This is a story of revenge and getting justice. The main character dresses as a man to be able to work, but is forced to pay two men to keep her secret. It’s a sad story, but one with a hopeful ending. This does mention magic a few times though we never see it I liked how it was woven in to a realistic story
This was a story about a girl in a wheelchair, and her friend who was a free woman of colour. I absloutley adored both of them, and the massive secret they had. These two girls risked their lives daily to go against the confederate and slavery, and there was honestly a lot of humour in this. It was super enjoyable 4 stars
STORY 5 5 stars
This story had me ended in tears. A girl who is abused and found a family, in the circus. She was abused by her uncle, but stood up to him at the end, running away to join the circus. I loved the found family aspect of this story it was really heart warming.
STORY 6 3.5 stars
This was a sweet tale of a Mexican girl, who uses magic to hide as a white woman in Hollywood. But she falls in love with a trans boy who has a limp ( the representation !!!! ) but she learns, that to stay pretending to be a white woman, she is giving up who she truly is. She learns this on her own, and with the help of Sawyer and this was just such a pretty magical tale
STORY 7 3.5 stars
This was an important story about learning to love yourself when you aren’t what the 1920’s called “perfect” this story follows a girl with a mental illness, who wants to become a lawyer and has to sit through a trial where someone who was “inconvient” she learns that she will stand up for those who can’t talk for themselves. Instead of falling in love with someone, she walks away from him because he doesn’t care or understand why a woman should have full autominous rights when she is a “danger to society”
Story 8 3.5 stars
I really liked the undertones of this story, of how could you be a patriot when that country hates you. This follows a family who live forever, and their daughter who wants to help the war effort. This really hilighted some of the worst parts of American history and the racism so many had to endure. I like the magical realism that was woven in, the family catching moonlight was really sweet.
Story 9 4 stars
This was such a sweet story of female empowerment. The main character wants to be a writer, to write comedy scripts. Her family doesn’t support her, but she meets two people, her friend and a new love. And with their support she gets the courage to tell her mother that she’s auditioning to become a writer. It was such a lovely empowering story
Story 10 4 stars
This was a pretty interesting story of a girl who goes to an audition and is teased and hurt over the fact that she was japanese. She stands tall, pushing past a cruel joke that could have ruined her auction. This was a great story of standing up for yourself
Story 11 3.5 stars
This was such a sweet story of a Cuban girl who loves with her family in America. She has a young American neighbour, a girl who shows off her legs and lives alone, things Suzanne’s family think we’re horrible. But Suzanne finds her amazing, and the fashion and straight forward ness of Linda, allows her to come into her own as Suzanne finally wears what she wants and stands up for herself
Story 12 3.5 stars
This was a sweet story but not slot happened. The main character was moved from Iran to America due to the wars, and made friends with a few American girls, joining in their band and beginning to make a home in America, carving out a place for herself. But she still feels homesick, and her aunt who she lives with, sees her as a burden.
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