Audiobooks? my thoughts.

The great debate, do audiobooks suck or rock?

If I rewind, even two months, I would’ve grimaced at the idea of listening to an audiobook. But funnily, it grew on me.

It started off with me wanting to reread harry potter, and having the audiobook for it still sitting on my audible account that I had tested out once. I got about an hour into it before switching to the physical book. But that was an hour more than I had ever listened to.

About a month after that, someone on youtube that I watch ( can you believe I’ve already forgotten who? ) mentioned an app Scribd which was a cheaper version of Audible with ebooks as well! I went to check it out and signed up for the month free trial. While the selection is definitely smaller than Audible, I found at least 30 books I wanted to read or listen to. Best of all, I found THE RADICAL ELEMENT. A review book I needed to get to, so I listened to it on audio. In the end? I gave the book 3.5 stars where the prequel got 2.5. Not only were the stories and writing more enjoyable, but the audiobook really was the reason I managed to read it so fast.

Then, I picked up TRULY DEVIOUS, a book I had been wanting to read for so long because of emmabooks over on youtube. I listened to the whole 11 hours in 5 days on 2x speed by the end of it. It was so enjoyable I gave it a 4.5 star rating, and now? I’m waiting for the month to tick over so I can pick up SABRIEL, a high fantasy I own and want to read.

I always hated audiobooks, but once I finally gave them a chance, I kind of loved them! 

they’re especially helpful as I’m working 15 hours a week and studying for university 20 hours or so. I can listen to them while I wind down by playing pokemon, or on my commute to class and back, or even in my showers. I read 2 more books in April than I would have if I didn’t get to read via audiobooks, and that was only in about 9 days. I can’t wait to see what a whole month of listening to audiobooks will be like.

so, in your opinion, 

are audiobooks trash or great?
start a discussion about it, or maybe tell me your favourite audiobook below, I’m really curious!

until next time,

9 thoughts on “Audiobooks? my thoughts.

  1. They’re great! I only recently started listening to audiobooks, but they help me read more in the month. I get to wash dishes or fold laundry and read. My favorite so far has been The Call by Peadar O Guillin. I’m looking for a full cast audio, I’ve heard those are amazing.

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  2. I used to hate them too, until I really needed them to get me through some boring work days haha. I’m very picky about my narrators now, but I’m usually listening to at least one audiobook nowadays 🙂

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    1. I haven’t found a narrator I didn’t like honestly! But I’m saying that….. I’m listening to my third audiobook so I’m sure I’ll end up finding one I don’t like 😂😂😂

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