A fast paced ride – HUNTING EL CHAPO REVIEW

TITLE:  Hunting El Chapo

AUTHOR: Andrew Hogan and Douglas Century

RATING: ★★★★

TRIGGER WARNING: talks of drugs and trafficking

WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS?: HarperCollinsNZ sent this to me in exchange for an honest review!

GENRE: True Crime


This is the untold story of the American federal agent who captured the world’s most-wanted drug-lord.

Every generation has its larger-than-life criminal legend living beyond the reach of the law: Billy the Kid, Al Capone, Ronnie Biggs, Pablo Escobar. But for every one of these criminals, there’s a Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett or Slipper of the Yard. For Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán-Loera a.k.a. ‘El Chapo’ – the 21st century’s most notorious criminal – that man is D.E.A. Special Agent Andrew Hogan.

This is the incredible story of Hogan’s seven-year-long chase to capture El Chapo, a multibillionaire drug-lord and escape-artist posing as a Mexican Robin Hood, who in reality was a brutal sociopath responsible for the murders of thousands. His greedy campaign to take over his rivals’ territories resulted in an unprecedented war with a body count of over 100,000.

We follow Hogan on his quest to achieve the seemingly impossible: to cross the border into Mexico and arrest El Chapo, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, a billionaire and Public Enemy No. 1, who had been evading capture for more than a decade and had earned a reputation for being utterly untouchable.

my thoughts

Hunting El Chapo by Andrew Hogan ans Douglas Century ( a DEA agent and a writer to help tell the story respectively ) is a non fiction true crime book that follows the years of hard work put in by Andrew and various other officials to capture the elusive El Chapo.
This was a vey well written no fiction book, for the fact that it read well enough it could almost feel like a thriller story set in the heart of Mexico cartel.
I really enjoyed the comradeship between everyone who had to help to catch el Chapo, how they all worked together in the end, and how while there was obvious animosity towards the CIA for their involvement, there was no animosity between the Mexican marines and the DEA agents who worked tiresley to capture El Chapo.
This was really well written as it arc’ed up towards the final capture, and the epilogue of El Chapo’s life post capture. I enjoyed how fast paced it was, as it allowed me to read it in around 4 hours.
I think for any fan of true crime, this is a must read for it’s interesting topic, one that had so many details that I had no idea about. But also, for how well it was written ( which I know, I’ve said like 5 times already. But I’m serious! This was the most well written non fiction book I’ve ever read! )
-good pacing and writing
-it managed to make me enjoy the characters (who were indeed real people)
-it educated me without feeling like I was reading a text book
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