how i read 10+ books a month while studying and working!

Hi guys and welcome to another discussion post. Today i’m talking about how I read over 10 books a month while studying and working part time.
First off, If I wasn’t reviewing books? A thing that I love but makes me feel like I NEED to be reading atleast 50 pages a day? I probably wouldn’t read as much because that’s a constant drive of mine.

But, I still managed to read 10 books for the last two months while studying and attending uni for around 25 hours a week, and working 10-15 hours a week so this does also apply for people working a full time job.

First off, as of writing this it’s the 6th of May and I’ve finished a grand total of …….. one book. Horrible right? especially to start a blog post like this! But one of the biggest things I do is


While it sounds crazy, most books I read are around 300 pages, and once it goes over 400 pages I tend to stretch it out over two days. But this is mainly how I read. I do all the things I’m going to list below, but I do majority in one day. I have every sunday off work, most weeks atleast, so to me, Sundays are my designated finish a book day. I find it a great way to end the week and it guarentees I’ll finish atleast one book a week.



I have just recently gotten into audiobooks! I used to hate them for the longest time, but they’re really helpful for upping the amount of reading you do. I read them while doing my makeup in the mornings, and while taking it off at night, While making food and sometimes while gaming. They’re all relatively short tasks, but when you listen to an audiobook while doing them all in a day, you’ll end up reading between 50 and 150 extra pages without picking up a book!


Depending on how you get to work, you could take a physical book, carry some ebooks with you or if you drive, listen to an audiobook. my commute to class and work is about half n hour so while it’s not alot again, after a week of it, you’ve read about another 150 pages. Though, if you read faster phsyically like I do, you might even be able to finish one book just from adding reading to your daily commute.


Let’s look at how I do this, currently I’m reading
RADIO SILENCE via audiobook, it’s a CONTEMPORARYย 
THE DARKEST MINDS via audiobook AND physically it’s a DYSTOPIAN.
Can you see a pattern? not only do I read different genres, I always read more than one format. I also have HARRY POTTER 4 and THE RISE OF REN CROWN as ebooks that I’ve put on hold to focus on review books, BUT they’re still super useful.
By reading more than one book at once, if I say, get sick of the dry tone of my current non fiction read, I can switch to a dystopian for a change of pace. This also really helps me not get the stories muddled up.


When I first started listening to audiobooks, I did it on 1.5 speed which was fine, but 2x speed means any audiobook I read, I read in half the time. I definietly can’t always read at 2x speed, especially if I’m in a busy area. But after the first chapter or so of any audiobook I’m generally comfortable enough to raise it up to 2x. But even if that’s too fast for you, that’s not a big deal! upping the speed even slightly helps you read books faster so even going to 1.25x is worth it!


For me, the best time to read is just before bed because it calms me down and makes me sleepy to be honest. So no matter how much I’d rather be scrolling on Intagram or Twitter, I turn my phone onto do not disturb and just read until I get too tired to continue. That can be anywhere from 30 to 100 pages extra read everyday. But maybe you have a spare half n hour in the morning? either way pick a time where you have a chunk of time, and schedule that as your reading time. Don’t pick up your phone at that time, don’t make other plans at that time. It’s the time for you and your books.

Well, looking at these some of them seem pretty simple but sometimes simple things are the best,
I hope these help atleast one person!

until next time,


2 thoughts on “how i read 10+ books a month while studying and working!

  1. Maybe I should try audiobooks ๐Ÿ˜ฎ from my home to college is 40 mins but I really can’t read at the bus sp probably audiobooks can be really helpful! Those are some really good tips๐Ÿ˜

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