my bookish bullet journal pages!

Hey guys!
I am a planning lover! and ever since I started reading more last year, I’ve been making bookish pages in my bullet journal! today I am semi happy with what I have, so I FINALLY feel like I can share what I’ve created to maybe inspire others! DISCLAMER: I like to keep track of EVERYTHIG so this might seem overboard to most people but I just love ticking things off, you know? Either way, this is currently all messy in my normal bullet journal, and my reading journal where i track what I read every month. I am on the lookout for a new journal to combine this stuff into though!

anyways, onwards to the photos! ( i wont be saying much about them, so feel free to ask questions below! )

First, JAN-MAR of how I kept track of the books I read, also with my yearly reading goals.

THEN a page I need to bring back, just a page to show where I’m already full up for reviews, and where I have room


My current 3 month reading goals & read in APR & so far in MAY

What my april blog plan looks like & the current review books I have to read ( or if the right side is pink, have read, reviewed and emailed publishers )

What books I have requested from publishers


My MAY tbr, one square per 25 pages, I just find this helps me see how I’m actually going??? ( pink for review books, black for non review )


and finally for this book, the series I’m reading


This is all that’s in it for each month, so here is the completed APRIL page & the current MAY page


until next time,



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