A. No
B. See Above
C. Well, it wasn’t bad.

TITLE: The Rabbit Hunter
AUTHOR: Lars Kepler
RATING: 3.5 stars
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Mentions of a rape, mutilation and lots of murders
WHERE DID I RECEIVE THIS FROM: Harper Collins NZ sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review


There’s a face at the window.
A stranger wearing a mask stands in the shadow of a garden. He’s watching his first victim through the window. He will kill him slowly, make it last – play him a nursery rhyme – make him pay.

A killer in your house.
There’s only one person the police can turn to – ex-Detective Joona Linna – but he’s serving time in a high-security prison. So they offer him a chance to secure his freedom: help superintendent Saga Bauer track down the vicious killer known as The Rabbit Hunter, before he strikes again.

Only one man can stop him.
Soon another three victims have been murdered and Stockholm is in the grip of terror. Joona Linna must catch a disturbed predator, whose trail of destruction leads back to one horrific night of violence – with consequences more terrifying than anyone could have imagined…


Where to begin, maybe with the fact that this took me over two weeks to read? If you know me, that’s a long time. It sure is a beefy book at over 500 pages, and I think that’s a fault the book has. Personally, I believe this book could have benefitted from a lot of shortening. From the unneeded mentions of how a skin-tight suit felt over a main characters naked body, to describing every gun used in technical terms…

But that’s not to say I hated this book

Not at all! This was just a rather flawed thriller. Not great for me to read for enjoyment, but it has definitely helped me as a writer who is interested in writing thrillers! This story benefitted from a very intriguing killer and good twists. While the rest needed improvements, the killer was outstanding from his thought processes to how he acted, he was perfectly done and saved this book.

This story follows the main character Joona (which, sidenote, I had no idea what he was meant to look like till around page 300… I get this is part of a larger series but c’mon that was horrible) as he gets taken out of jail to help the Swedish police solve a crime. What starts off as an assumed terrorist attack, turns out to be a spree killer. For those not in the know (I envy all of you) A spree killer is someone who kills multiple people, in different locations over a short time. A serial killer does the same but over a longer period. I definitely got confused because you couldn’t really tell how fast time was progressing so I assumed weeks were between each killing, turns out it was mere days!

Either way, I think this was an entertaining ride once you hit the 300-page mark, and that even with its flaws, if you’re already a fan of these characters, or just want to read up on more twisted killers, this is the one for you

Until next time,

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