19 before 2019…

taken from my instagram @weavingfiction

Welcome back to another instalment of ‘my name is Sarah & I am an overachiever‘ aka watch me set some goals & either smash them or cry about them.



So far, this year has been about studying, and giving my all to my study. I spent countless hours working on assignments & setting up interviews that I neglected the hobby I love the most, reading. Because of that, I want to make 19 resolutions.

19 things I want to get done before the bell chimes into 2019 


So let’s get started.

  1. Read Everyday

    Starting from today (November 30th) I want to read or listen to some of a book every single day.

  2. Finish 5 books 

    When I was just working 10 hours a week & doing nothing else, I was finishing close to 20 books a week. & now I’m back to working around 10 hours a week so I know once I get into the flow of things I can read 5 books easy

    ( Check out my December TBR! )

  3. Post 6 times over here on WeavingFiction

    This is number 2, number 3 is scheduled. It looks like this one is already going well!

  4. Interact with the bookish fandom more

    I miss all of you, what can I say

  5. Research ways to improve my blog & Instagram

    If I was a weaker being I would resort to saying ‘gotta get them gains’ … though I technically just said it, does that make me weak? Probably

  6. Read outside 3 times

    because of Vitamin D!

  7. Post on Instagram at least 3 times a week

    I really neglected my Instagram while I was studying so I want to come back to it

  8. Actually use that bookish merch I’ve brought 

    those amazing Faerietale Candles, the lip balm, the posters, the bookmarks, all of it!

  9. Figure out some 2019 reading challenges

    Find one that suits me!

    ( There’s one I’ve found and linked here )

  10. Set up my Goodreads in prep for 2019 
  11. Set up my Instagram stories for 2019
  12. Set up my blog 

    The boring thing like more drop down categories and going and cleaning out the spiderwebs from between the HTML

  13. Finish a big book
  14. Finish a small book
  15. Read a book in a day
  16. Plan 1-2 weekend getaways for 2019
  17. Set up a new Bullet Journal 
  18. Clean/Organise my emails 
  19. Apply for a new job! 

    It’s time for me to find a full-time job that is in line with what I want out of a career, it’s kind of scary!


Wow, that actually took far longer to do than expected. Do you set yourself resolutions for the end of the year? If so, what are some of your biggest ones? Let me know in the comments below



7 thoughts on “19 before 2019…

  1. Read outside 3 times is a great goal. I wish it was warmer and I would do this too! I just went through my 2019 goals and I am already really excited about it. Enjoy your more relaxed time since you aren’t studying so much.

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