What’s your preference

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I know, it’s a weird question, right?
But I’m asking it for all the right reasons, I promise.

Hi guys & thank you for clicking on this post. Today I’m posting something that isn’t very bookish. 


Blogging is something close to my heart, it has been a catalyst of growth for me ever since I turned 18. I wouldn’t be who I am now, if I hadn’t had started blogging. However, in saying that. While I love books, I love reading, and this community is amazing. I really want the opportunity to branch out. 

I want to create another WordPress blog, focused on healthy living & self-help. Things like finance, health, being a better you etc etc. 

I want to create it, and as I make those posts, grow alongside you guys. 

But the big question is, 

is anyone even interested in those kinds of blogs? Are you guys interested in watching me aim for a healthier life, and take you guys along for the ride? 

If so, what’s your preference, 

Should I make it a separate blog, or should I just add it on here? 


I have made the account over at aweavingfate

But of course, you guys, the readers are the ones who I am most interested to see your opinions of. So, can you guys either, comment below with your preference, or follow my new account so I know what you guys want to see? 
Personally, I think keeping them seperate might be a better idea but I’m open to discussion & blogging isn’t any fun if no one replies back! 

5 thoughts on “What’s your preference

  1. I’d totally be interested in reading about that on another blog. I think there’s a lot of benefits to having them separate. It gives you the option to fully express yourself in each area without worrying that it will alienate certain readers. It would take a bit more time though. All depends on what your goals are for yourself! Following the new one too!

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  2. My recommendation is just to do one blog! I considered splitting mine into two: recipes and books, but it turns out that I’m really bad at blogging consistently (but that’s just me) so it was easier for me to keep it all in one place.

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