A unique unboxing

Hi guys and welcome to the first of a type of post I’d love to keep doing. ( But my wallet will hate me for )

And that is unboxings. This box was curated by Alicia over at FAERIETALECANDLES. She’s a fellow kiwi, totally lovely & talent in all things candle making ( SPOLIER: & talented at much more )

I decided on a whim to purchase her first bookish box (this is not a regular thing she does!) & I was blown away by the quality. In total, including shipping & using a 10% off coupon, I ended up paying 47.99 NZD Which is pretty reasonable for what it came with

First, here’s an overview photo.


Five candles, tea, perfume, lip balm, soap, two bookmarks & two prints, wow.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty with a slideshow of each item!Β 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the seraphims candle: this smells divine & I’ve already started burning it
the lipbalm: it smells amazing & is super soothing
the perfume: it’s such a unique touch!

my faerietale candles shrine and I’m not even a rep! I just love her products

All of these items were a one time buy & so worth the money! Thank you to Alicia for curating such an awesome box.

Want to get one of your own? Keep an eye out on her WEBSITE & INSTAGRAM

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