5 tips to succeed on bookstagram

Hello everyone,
I know, this is a lofty claim to make, that by reading this, you might be better at your bookstagram game, but in all honesty, these are real tips that might help you.

First off, let’s talk about my bookstagram,
Here’s a screenshot


just over 1,000 followers, it’s not really impressive, however, when you consider that I barely post, and when I do, for a long time I was chopping & changing my theme. It’s only been recently that I have got into being serious with my bookstagram. With research & checking out the bigger bookstagram accounts, I have 5 tips to help YOU out.Β 

(a little update for you all, doing these things, I’m now sitting at 1,090 three weeks later and I still can’t believe that since I’ve been stick around the 1,000 mark for ages)

    I know, you don’t always want to follow everyone, especially when they don’t follow back! But the best way to get more followers is to go through tags like #igreads and follow any accounts you like the look of, in turn, you will get some follows and interactions ( but don’t unfollow them as soon as they do or don’t follow you back! )
    When I looked at all the popular accounts, I noticed something. They often had over 1,000 posts. This means, technically if they posted twice a day, every day, they would have been around for over a year. That’s crazy right, it says one thing, which leads into the next point
    By this I mean interactions. Don’t go following heaps of people, posting photos four times a day, commenting on everyone’s posts and then go silent (if you can help it of course, things do happen) By spreading out your activity to be on most days a week and interacting most days a week, you create a consistent feed. This is something people want to follow and interact with.
    I know, I know, they’re annoying & can drain you of inspiration. However, people really like them. It’s like when they see a consistent theme, they instantly hit the follow button. Really popular themes are white backgrounds or colourful backgrounds. Though it might even be more beneficial to stand out by doing something unique
    Following on from that last point, interact with others. Create Instagram stories, comment on others. Comment on others posts too. By reaching out and saying anything, people are more likely to follow back or shout you out. You are 1000x better off doing this, rather than asking for a follow back.

So yes, I know a lot of these are simple, but they’re the things I’ve seen the bigger accounts doing, and to be honest, most of those big accounts? They’ve been around for over a year, and they weren’t always that popular. A little hard work and consistency will get you far.


8 thoughts on “5 tips to succeed on bookstagram

  1. Interaction is key yes! Because following won’t get you so far if you don’t also comment! I suck at a consistent feed even if I know you are right!


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