The Future of WeavingLife…..

That title sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Well don’t worry, I’m not abandoning the blog. Just starting something new..


Hi Friends! I hope you’re all doing well,
Today I’m stopping by to talk about WeavingLife, and the future of this blog.

For the last two years this blog has been exclusively book based, and a few weeks ago I asked if you guys thought I should move my lifestyle stuff to a new blog, or keep them all on here. Thank you to everyone who answered! You all helped me end up picking the decision that was right for me.


So starting in 2019, WeavingLife will not be solely book based!

This probably isn’t a surprise to most people but I am going to talk about what you can expect from me and this blog coming soon.

There will be certain things that happen every month, mainly to keep myself accountable. These posts will be coming out once a week every month,

  • TBR & Plans
  • 2019 Goals Check In
  • Next Month’s Bujo spreads
  • Wrap Up

However, I will be weaving in (excuse the pun, I really can’t help myself) more things.
There will always be one lifestyle or writing based post. I.e (how to start a killer crime novel, or how to get up earlier in the morning)

And I will still be reviewing books, hopefully reviewing more than I have been up to this point.


I really want these changes to herald a bit of a better me, because I want this blog to be somewhere I can grow and show my growth. I totally understand if some of you are just going to stick to reading the book reviews etc, but I still love every single one of you and want to say thank you for sticking around,
now let’s make the most of 2019



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