DNF’ing Review Books

Hi Friends,
A merry Christmas to you!
Today, I’ve got a question for all of you, and any advice would be lovely.

What is your opinion on DNF’ing books you requested to review?


I was talking to a close friend earlier and she shed some light for me, she reminded me how much time I put into each book I review, and how little I get back ( now don’t get me wrong! I am so thankful to be working with publishers and getting free books but we’re talking in the grand scheme of things. You have to love reviewing for it to be worth it )

Let’s take a 300-page book for example. 

First, as soon as it arrives I take photos of it and put it on my Instagram story> 15min. 
Then, I set up a photo for it for Instagram >30min 
Sort it on my Goodreads shelf >15min 
Actually, you know, read it >4 hours
Review it >30 min
Edit my review >30 min 
Review it on Goodreads >15min
promote my review >15min 
Email the publishers my links >30min

That totals out at 7 hours. For a 300 page book. 90% of the books I request are over 300 pages, let’s be real.


Now, I don’t mind spending nearly 7 hours on a book, if I’m even somewhat enjoying it. But for example, if it was like my last read, which I gave 2 stars and only kept reading because it was a review book, I feel like I’ve wasted my time & your time as my readers.
I feel like it would almost be better off if I just abandoned it a few hours in, take the photos, give it a go for 100 pages and then call it quits if need be.

BUT, I don’t want to upset the publishers who so kindly send me free books.
So you can see, there’s the predicament

Do I push forward, and ultimately put myself back into a reading slump because I’m reading something I’m not enjoying nor am I in the mood for? 
Or should I start DNF’ing these books, even though I’ve gotten them for free from publishers in exchange for an honest review? 


Currently, I’m undecided, so your opinion could really help!
Leave your thoughts down below


2 thoughts on “DNF’ing Review Books

  1. That’s a really tough one. I try to treat review books just as any other book I would be reading so if I feel like DNFing, I’d be inclined to say to go ahead and DNF. On the other hand, if I am still going to do a review on a book I didn’t enjoy I’d want to give as much info as I can about what I didn’t enjoy and why. I try to be as constructive and kind as I can with negative reviews so in this regard, I would want to have read the whole book. This is a really hard question lol!

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    1. Exactly! I don’t want to give a book better treatment because it’s a review one, because then it isn’t a fair review! So I feel like I should be able to DNF them, but then I feel guilty for doing so when it was given to me for free! Though I am comfortable writing a DNF review…….. so maybe I should look at DNF’ing them, who knows, I still can’t decide 😅😅😅


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