3 tips for setting a goodreads goal

Hi friends,
I hope when you’re reading this you’re having a nice day.

Today, I’m here to give some advice about setting your goodreads goal as we all know, come January first, we’ll be running to our phones or computers to set our goals!

And there’s nothing wrong with that! A little challenge is healthy for us all!

But when crunch comes down to crunch, it is disappointing when you end up failing your goal, heck knows, I failed mine this year! So today, we’re going to make attainable goodreads goals.

First off, I set my goal for 100 books this year, because last year I ended up finishing 132 books! Amazing right? So I thought, oh, what a piece of cake! I’ll read the same amount again, and I was wrong. It was annoying and stupidly disappointing (like really, come on Sarah it’s just a goodreads goal) But I know someone else would have been annoyed too.


So here is how I am going to set myself up for a good 2019 goodreads goal. 

First off, start with the number you want to aim for. For me, that originally was 100.

  1. Check the amount of books you read last year & years prior to that 
    This will allow you to see what your average was, write them down, it gives you a starting point. By this I mean, if every year you’ve read around 20 books, you wouldn’t want to aim for 100, right?
  2. Think about what you will be doing this coming year.
    Are you studying? starting a full time job? travelling? becoming a new parent? if any of those we’re yes’es, I’m sorry to tell you, you most likely wont read as much as you did last year. Write down what you will be doing next year, and make sure, if you’re going to be more busy, to lower your standards, or, if you’re going to be taking a year off per say, why not raise them to your average?
  3. and Finally, don’t be cocky, but don’t under estimate yourself either. 
    I’ll use me as an example here, I read 132 books last year, but I knew I was studying full time for a diploma that would require a lot of reading and writing. I didn’t take into account how much of my energy that would take up so I OVER ESTIMATED and picked 100. Now, underestimating would have been saying 50. I should have made my sweet spot be 75 once I considered my work load and past tendencies.


How do I know my sweet spot should have been 75? Because, it was decently lower than what I read last year, but not so low that I would be bored. I already know my reading speed is just over a page a minute, and that I read on average at least one to two books a week. So when I took in my own statistics, it should have been so obvious right? But it wasn’t! Not until I sat down and made this post did I come up with my comfortable average that made me feel like I was still going to be putting in effort to reach, but that was definitely attainable.

So, 2019, my goodreads goal for you, is 75 books.

Taking this advice, or ignoring it completely, tell me below,
what is your goodreads goal for 2019?


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7 thoughts on “3 tips for setting a goodreads goal

  1. My goal for 2019 is 90 books. Each year I set my goal and hit it, I increase it by 10 books the following year because I like to challenge myself. However, if I hit my goal and go over by 10+ books, then I increase the next year by 20. This year’s goal was 70, and since I’ve read 80+ books this year, then next year I’ll aim for 90. However, I did read 12 comics this year, so I will be gentle with myself too. Although, I aim to work a standard hour week next year (37.5 hours) and not work so much (unpaid) overtime so I plan on having more time for myself as well!! xx

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