Worst books of 2018

Hi friends! I recently made the best books of 2018 post, and to contrast that I just had to see what was on the other end of the scale. So today, we’re looking at the worst books I read in 2018.

I personally don’t tend to think about these books much past when I read them, so a few of them were a surprise to see how low I had rated them, but once I thought back to the book I was sure of its place. Without further ado, let’s get into it.



2.5 stars
A YA Fantasy
This was, dissapointing at best. The plot felt rushed and full of holes. I found myself just pushing through to finish it. In the end, it felt like this needed to be an extra hundred pages long so the whole plot, romance, relationships and history could unfold better.


2.5 stars 
A YA Fantasy 
This had alot of promise, which made my hopes go up. However, by the time I was halfway through it, I was bored at best. The idea behind it was really intriguing but it failed to pull through. There wasn’t alot of information about the world, and the romance felt forced.


2.5 stars
A collection of 5 horror short stories
This felt rushed & uninspired. It seemed like the writer was forced to meet a quota and it really missed the mark. Most of these stories had a good beginning, they seemed like they were going to build up to something good, and then in the end? The endings were rushed and confusing at best.


2 stars 
An Adult Historical Fiction 
This was like trudging through murky water. It was pointless. There was no overarching meaning or story that intrigued. It felt like looking at someone’s diary and then falling asleep halfway through it. It felt like a pointless book that really missed the mark


2 stars. 
An Adult Non-Fiction 
Now don’t get me wrong, it was not the story or message that made this story be the worst I read in 2018. I can’t rate his story. However, the storytelling abilities were not there. This whole novel dragged on and was not divided up well, jumping all over the timelines of his life and being a confusing mess. If this was written better, it would have at least been decent.


I’m sorry if any of these books were your favourite, they just weren’t for me! What were the worst books you read last year?


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