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enjoyment – ★★★
Characters – ★★★★
Plot – ★★
Pacing – ★★
Writing quality – ★★★★

Final rating: ★★★.5

WARNINGS: death and discrimination

FROM: Harper Collins NZ



  • Character growth
  • Clancy’s insanity
  • The world building


  • second book syndrome
  • the length
  • killing off characters for a reaction


Never fade is the continuation of the darkest minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken. This book picks up where the darkest minds left off, with Ruby working for the children’s league and Liam having no idea who she is. It follows her as she makes new friends and traverses the league which is full of traitors and people who want her dead. This novel was definitely a filler book, but it had some positives.

Personally, I somewhat enjoyed this book. It dragged on for at least an extra hundred pages than it needed to, and often I found myself mindlessly skipping parts where ruby was worrying over others or something of the like. I found the majority of this book was skimmable at best which is really not a positive. It wasn’t until Clancy and Liam came back that I was hooked back in.

The characters were the strongest point in the novel. Though, *SPOILER* I found it rather silly that Jude was killed just to make Ruby have more reason to stand up and fight. I think there were a lot of better ways to make her more motivated *SPOILER END* besides that, the characters were very lifelike and full of emotions and wants. Some were crazy, some confused and others just plain evil. It was an interesting cast that felt like real people.

However, the plot was where this lacked. It felt like everything had to happen so the next book could happen. It was like a rickety suspension bridge that was barely hanging on. The plot was weak at best, and boring at worst. I’m sure that without this book, the series would have made no sense, but I still did not enjoy the second book syndrome this book had.

The writing quality, however, was pretty good. Alexandra has a talent for writing in an easy to understand but gripping way. And often she would insert a few poetic lines that felt all the more powerful because of the surrounding writing.

Overall this was a pretty average read for me. I didn’t hate it nor did I love it. But I think the first and probably the last book, still make reading this one worth it.


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