3 ways to plan a novel

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Today’s post is about 3 ways I’ve planned my novel out. They might be obvious, they might not be. Who knows. But I wanted to share these ideas with all of you. 



Ah yes, my favourite place to waste time while feeling vaguely productive. You can create a Pinterest board like I have HERE. Add in sections, one for each character and location. Then, go through Pinterest and add some photos. It’s oddly inspiring when you see all these images, and, it helps you flesh it out. For example, I knew who Varen & Kaliya were, but the side characters, Knox, Morana, Amos & Odessa, were just vague ideas to me. From playing around on Pinterest I have a clearer idea on how they look and act.



These are all over the internet, and they are insanely useful. I’m not saying find a 30-page one and spend months working on it, but search them up and find one that works for you, or like me, make your own. Mine takes up 4 a5 pages in my novel notebook and I use it for all major characters. It includes things like ‘weaknesses, short-term goals, are they trusting? socioeconomic level?’ and so forth. By filling these out, you can see where your characters are different, or where they are too similar or mary sue’ish.



Sure, this isn’t necessary but there’s something nice about it. You can see where you’re missing depth and where you have covered things enough. for example, you start writing your novel and then realise you haven’t explored the religion enough. Then you can flip to the back of the book, make a note, and then write some information on it. Something about physical lists makes them seem more urgent or important. Even if you don’t make notes like that in your novel notebook, having a physical notebook for those random ‘Aha! I’ve figured something out’ moments, is amazing. It’s also rewarding to see your whole notebook filled up with things relating to a world you created.


Were these any help? let me know down below! 


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3 thoughts on “3 ways to plan a novel

  1. As someone who is also writing a novel, I found this to be extremely helpful! I also find TONS of inspiration on Pinterest…anyways loved the post!!:)

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