talking money | RICH ENOUGH REVIEW



enjoyment – 4
Easy to understand – 5
Entertainment factor – 3.5
Information – 5
Writing quality – 4
Final rating: 4
-the easy to understand information
-that it was jam-packed with info
-the relaxed tone it was written in

-nothing, I only skimmed over topics that didn’t yet effect me like repaying a mortgage.
Rich enough is a non-fiction finance book all about investing money, setting yourself up for retirement, buying a house, or even just sorting out your finances.

This book is specifically aimed at the NZ market as it has figured from NZ and talks about our banks, though if this was what you could get your hands on, I still think the general information in this book would be applicable to anyone in any country.

The first thing I look for in a non-fiction book is the entertainment factor. I don’t have to be enthralled into a world, but I have to want to pick it back up. This one did that. With quips and humour littered throughout all the facts and help, it felt like you were getting to know Mary Holm.

I want to mention how accessible this book is. Every piece of “jargon” is explained in easy to understand detail, and she offers easy ways to look at the math for those of us who can’t stand it. Mary really put effort into making this book something that anyone could pick up and walk away knowing more.

This was packed with information that was really useful to me. It helped me change my KiwiSaver fund, figure out what bank has the best interest rates, what interest rates I should even be looking for, and so much more. This was the perfect book for someone like me who knew a little about finance but not a whole heap.

This book also doesn’t focus on getting rich, it reminds you not to over save and scrounge your way through life, but to save enough to be happy later on, and still have enough to spend now.

I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about personal finance.

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