Poetic whales, literally | AND THE OCEAN WAS OUR SKY REVIEW



enjoyment – 5
Characters – 4
Plot – 4
Pacing – 4
Writing quality – 5
Final rating: 4.5
the characters
The fairytale tone
Everything tbh

how little it dived into the villain
How short it was
It felt like it could have had more depth
The great trick of the devil is to make you want to see him. But it is only when you see him that you fear him. And by then, it is too late

For there are devils in the deep, but the worst are the ones we make

Patrick Ness did it again, and I’m left sitting here moments after finishing this book, wondering, can Patrick Ness even write a bad book? I cried, I smiled and amazingly so, I felt a deep kinship with a whale. Those are things only Patrick Ness can accomplish.

And The Ocean Was Our Sky (ATOWOS) is a fantasy es que short story. It follows our main character, Bathsheba, a whale who was prophesized to hunt. It follows her as she joins one of the most feared hunting pods, lead by Captain Alexandra, and how she was the sole survivor, bathed in death and blood.

This was so beautifully crafted that I honestly cannot believe it. Patrick Ness always writes with a poetic flare but this book just cemented his talent at writing in such a form, because every line was enticing and left you wanting more.

This is a story I won’t spoil at all because I feel like it’s fit for everyone to read, and I hope everyone does.

The characters were Lively, even when they started as stereotypes, they proved themselves to be so much more than those and it was breathtaking. I think my favourite character was Wilem, she was so innocent and pure, called dim by others for them to only realise near the end of the book, that she understood things better than even they did.

The plot was like a fantasy tale that was used to warn people off from coming near whales or something of the like. It felt like a story you told your children when they were young. However, there are the moments it makes you want to cry (like any Patrick Ness book)

This story is accompanied by art done by Rovina Cai and she is insanely talented. Her brush strokes merge the whales with the water in a way that feels ethereal and she never shows too much of the villain to keep him as a classic villain. Her art style is full of strokes but is generally monochromatic and minimalistic and it is phenomenal.

Overall there was not a single thing I disliked about this novel and I cherished my two hours devouring it, I only wished it was longer and more in-depth.

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